Ötzi The Iceman
Otzi the iceman
Character information
Birth name Ötzi
Nickname(s) Ötzi the Iceman
the Similaun Man
the Man from Hauslabjoch
the Tyrolean Iceman
Homo tyrolensis
the Hauslabjoch mummy
Born 3300 B.C.
Died 3259 B.C. (Age 45)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Ötzi The Iceman VS Fred Flintstone
Vs Fred Flintstone
Release date April 6th 2015

Ötzi The Iceman is a character that went up against Fred Flintstone in Ötzi The Iceman VS Fred Flintstone.

Info About The RapperEdit

Ötzi (3300 BC - 3225 BC) also known as Ötzi The Iceman was a caveman born in the village near Feldthurns in the year 3300 BC. Around 3255 BC at the age of 45 he was shot with an arrow to the shoulder. he died climbing the Ötztal Alps due to Exsanguination due to arrow wound on his shoulder. He was frozen and buried for many years until September 19th 1991 where he was discovered by German tourists, Helmut and Erika Simon. Scientists found many things that Ötzi including a Copper Axe, berries, flint-bladed knife, birch fungus for medical uses, etc. He is said to also be cursed by The Pharaohs.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It's Ötzi The Iceman and I got my plan,

to take down this prehistoric Superman.

I'll take this fight while he'll do nothing but groaning,

Cause his raps are forgettable as his own son, Stony.

This Modern Stone Age wreck can't face evolution!

So with his stupidity I give my solution,

Don't use creatures for furnature or plates!

Or things might fire up like Mr. Slate!

Verse 2:

You call yourself kids icon, you bring no cheer!

Ugh! All you ever do is smoke and drink beer!

Science find me adoring, kids find you so boring,

Even when I make news, people finally applauding!

I'd rather see The Jetsons than your show,

Cause we all know your viewers are cleary Flintstoned!

You can't handle my raps from this Hauslabjoch Mummy!

You'll be regretted just like your movie!


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  • He is the oldest rapper in Dragon Rap Battles, that being prehistoric age
  • He is the second rapper to have an accent in his name