Al Gore vs The Planeteers YT Cover
Al Gore VS The Planeteers02:21

Al Gore VS The Planeteers

Al Gore VS The Planeteers
Cover Al Gore vs Planeteers
Battle information
Release date April 22nd, 2016
Number 41
Views 67
Length 2:20
Previous Ponce De León VS Sun Wukong
Next Ash VS Noah
Rappers The Planeteers short picCaptain Planet short picAl Gore short picDick Cheney short pic

The 41st Installment/Earth Day Special of Dragon Rap Battles Features Al Gore against The Planeteers to see who is the better environmentalist until Dick Cheney comes in to try to pollute this battle until The Planeteers summon Captain Planet, could he turn Cheney down to zero in this fight?

The BattleEdit

Al Gore:

To be clear, I appreciate all the environmental work you did before

but now you all better leave now before this battle ends up in Gore

The 45th Vice President of the united states is gonna make you feel nervous

You can't even pass my security though secretly i'm the one that's servin'

I got Nobel Prizes, Oscars, Grammies, Emmies, and a Webby for what I made

while your show fails to correctly cover Gang Wars, Overpopulation, and AIDS

Don't even need a Keynote Presentation to dominate this kind of youth

You're only around to keep Ted Turner's fame and that's an Inconvenient Truth!

The Planeteers:

The Planeteers are here to go planet as we send Gore our rap batch

Star Spangled slammer him more than Weird Al on Celebrity Deathmatch

Deadlier than any Manbearpig, blow you away from our clean air that's flowing

Should've joined The Green Party with all that Tobacco you've been growing

Things are heating up once Gaia's A-Team once this wildfire attacks

While you're soaked out in your speeches when Clinton plays off his sax

If I can beat down The Critic, then I can sense that it's gonna be the end

Cut this Executive Branch Down faster than his inventing internet legends

Al Gore:

How Dare Y-

(Gore gets pushed by Dick Cheney)

Dick Cheney:

Outta the way Al, put that head in a jar as you already learned the lesson

that from Time's Person to 2000 Elections, you will always remain in second

as I control George W. Bush like a marionette, as I will rip these hippies apart

since these Magic School Bus Teens contain these pathetic powers like heart

Iraq the mic and the war as I drink the precious oil by the mass

Heating up this battle more than C02 or any Greenhouse Gas

Making Super News as I whip you like just like the house minority

as you fail to outrap to MC more than The Taliban who try to blow me

Blind you like a desert storm, as I get Blackwater to take your Hope Island area

For the new leader is it is Exceptional, to show Why the world needs a powerful america

so just call me Captain Pollution in this battle, and if you dare want to remark

I suggest you summon the son of Silver Surfer and the mayor of South Park

Al Gore:

You kids better do this thing to stop this patriotic hoggish greedly slime

Kwame: I agree, Take down this Verminous Scum and let our powers combine



Captain Planet:

By your powers combine I am Captain Planet

It's time that this One on One battle is set to inflame

but at least your personality perfectly fits your first name

Chisel down your statue, as even shooting a man's face didn't put you to shame

Go all Don Cheadle as I turn you into a tree or better yet a bush sadder than Jeb's campaign

Another attack comes from your black heart since you started all of these wars

when you should've just gave up oil and gone green, because the power is yours

dodged Vietnam 5 times so i'll just have this evil man recycled by a true hero

Cause just like Pollution, I brought this prototype Donald Trump down to zero


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