Alexander Fleming
Louis Pasteur
Character information
Birth name Sir Alexander Fleming
Born August 6th 1881
Died March 11th 1955
Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Alexander Fleming VS Louis Pasteur
Vs Louis Pasteur
Release date March 24th, 2016

Alexander Fleming is a character that went up against Louis Pasteur in Alexander Fleming VS Louis Pasteur.

Info About The RapperEdit

Alexander Fleming (August 6th 1881 - March 11th 1955) was a microbiologist who would discover a major revolution in medicine by complete accident, that being penicillin. Because of his discoveries, many diseases were whipped out such as GOnorrhea and Staphylococcus.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Take a seat and be ready to learn from the master

cause after this battle, you'll be left to Pasteur

While you're busy in your Robert Koch Manifesto

I'll be giving you more of a Redi than Franceso

I got The Antibiotics to take the ill flows while i'm beating ya

as I treat people's diseases from Staphylococcus to Gonorrhea

I'm giving Penicillin to The Allies in the war stacks by the stacks

while you're gonna steal this rap from Toussaint like the cure for Anthrax!

Verse 2:

So if we play it your way, then get in the milk lineup

Cause with Bacteria like you, I'll be Fleming you up

You put your lips in a tube of a rabid dog saliva, what a complete joke

While my raps are so vicious they give you several strokes til you croak

Within 26 years of strokes, I think "Good God! I Thought He Was Dead!"

So why don't you retire your work and go back to sketches instead

I'll send out my Penicillin to permanently wipe out this germ

Then leave him 6 feet under as he gets nibbled by silkworms

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