Ariel VS Aquaman YT Cover
Aquaman VS Ariel02:41

Aquaman VS Ariel

Ariel VS Aquaman
Cover Ariel vs Aquaman
Battle information
Release date May 27th, 2016
Number 43
Views 54
Length 2:40
Previous Ash VS Noah
Next The Mask VS The Phantom of The Opera
Rappers Ariel short picAquaman short pic

The 43rd battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features Ariel against Aquaman to see which royal who can talk to fish and desire a connection between both land and sea takes to true throne of Atlantis.

The BattleEdit


Set off my first debut for a return as a Part of Walt Disney's world

While your first debut had Mamoa with looks that make me wanna hurl

The Disney MC takes on DC's King of the seas

To which in defeat is beastly, leave him unclean like it's BP

saltier than any of the seven seas to leave this battle soaked

cause it's a Challenge of the Superfriends that you're a complete joke

Even Scuttle can tell that this dinglehopper is a disaster

forget your brother, Orm, for i'm the true Ocean Master


Ocean Master? Please, you couldn't even handle a family fuss

as Daddy committed "Injustice" but can't match The Gods among us

I'm in The Justice League while a Jamaican crab defends this brat

should've brought Belle to prevent you from signing rigged contracts

so swim your tail back Under The Sea for you're not ready for a fight

Even your darkest fanart won't compare to me even on The Blackest Night

Even you and that Percy Jackson kid are a better set as equals

as both are novelty characters who gotten shitty cinematic sequels!


Please my sequel became a part of a cult classic pursuit

since at least my kid didn't die from a villain in a diver suit

This Mermaid Man was better off sending out Barnacle Boy

but he's in a Tempest so this dude's left for sea horses to deploy

I have the voice of an angel, winning all sorts of Grammy Awards

While King Arthur always gets outclassed by The Sub-Mariner, Namor

I even have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to show who rules the sea and land

So in the end I'll leave you cut out like it was to your left hand!


However, I became a badass pirate as if my name was Captain Hook

while Disney should've killed you off if they wanted to follow the book

You were tricked by an evil Golden Girl in an Octopus' Garden

I was fighting armies upon armies for the city I was guarding

As I was Toppling The Legion of Doom and even some old friends too

While even Freddi Fish dealt with more deeper shit than you

So for her Sweet Sixteen, I'll give this hoarding brat the boot

then leave her off to the sharks to make her permanently mute


  • The beat used in this battle is called [Karaoke] Deep Sea - Binz ft. Thanh Nguyễn [Beat Official] and can be found here

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