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Ash VS Noah04:50

Ash VS Noah

Ash VS Noah
Cover Ash vs Noah
Battle information
Release date May 13th, 2016
Number 42
Views 130
Length 4:49
Previous Al Gore VS The Planeteers
Next Ariel VS Aquaman
Rappers Ash Ketchum short picNoah short picDarwin short picMewtwo short picNapoleon short picAudrey II short picMother Nature short pic

The 42nd battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features Ash Ketchum against Noah to see who is the better animal collector until the fight for nature continues on as Charles Darwin (Evolution), Mewtwo (Cloning), Napoleon (Animal Control), and Audrey II (Planet Control) create chaos, will this fight go on or will it take Mother Nature herself, to stop them.

The BattleEdit


It seems thy Lord has sent me someone to lyrically clash

I would hail to the king, but that goes to a diferent ash

spared by The Lord himself than any bablonian or pharoah

so you better start running from me faster than a flock of sparrows

like a bombardier beetle, you know my disses will be dropping bombs

while in Pallet Town, Professor Oak is spreading some roots in your mom

I'll call PETA up to protest against this ten year old prick

for his years of forcing animals to fight worse than Michael Vick


That last line was typical from a biblical hypocritical jerk

who did worse by setting those he spared straight to work

2 by 2 they went from Monkeys, Giraffes, Frogs, dogs, to boars

yet in a rapid dash, this homophobe seemed to ignore the unicorns

I'm as fly as a Zubat but more furious than any Mankey

but its the Dawn of a stud who May even take your sons' ladies

Get back to Genesis cause your SNES game is a DOOMed 3-D Slew

Now go give him a thundershock Pikachu!



(Noah gets shocked)


While that shock was more painful than the Porygon seizure episode

I ask you to come on board, cause The Lord's Flood about to load


No way would I ride in a giant boat that will smell like animal poo

Instead I'll use one of my sea pokemon, so Lapras I CHOSE YOU!

(Noah and Ash sail unto an Island as Noah sends a dove which lands in Darwin's hand)

Charles Darwin:

It's logical that a 3rd party come straight from the Galapagos

unstoppable, and heat this fight more than cash grabs from Dominos

So between this Red wannabe and the old man who smells of feces

allow me to introduce the both of you On The Origin Of Species

For after 40 days you notice that this little Dove's beak has changed

into something that would adapt its new habitat, now isn't that strange

It may be The Survival of The Fittest but even my turtle pal, Harriet could last longer

as I send Noah back to his Russel Crowe's Nest and take Ash's life worse than Haunter

(Mewtwo's throws a shadowball near Darwin)


Mewtwo Strikes Back as this Blue-Footed Booby's raps are sloopy

compare this to Sabrina and Somatic Sheep as I turn you to Dollys

My disses makes all of yours look like their affected by my confuse ray

for you see I'll be spitting shadow balls to Super Smash this Melee

you two should get back on your ships for your verses are mediocre

as Ash better ketch up or else my power will turn him back into a stoner

Even The Church of England prefers me over Darwin's theory of Evolution

proving that cloned creatures are once and for all the superior solution

(Napoleon walks in)


Pull down the Iron Cutrains to see this non-clone pig is more superior

as Sakurai left Mewtwo as DLC, since Sloppy seconds are inferior

Revolt for Old Major as I toss Snowball away from my mastery

Workin' Boxer, Ed, and Fluttershy til I send them to the glue factory

This battle is worthless to me more than a rap with Metapod and Magikarp

Hell, I'll feed little Amber to the wolves, to show that i'm also thinking sharp

For these Humans and Purple Clone can't match any of my commie brothers

For all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

(Audrey II pops out of the wall)

Audrey II:


Kool-Aid Man:


(Audrey Breaks The Kool-Aid Man through her vines)


What is this? A Talking Venus Fly Trap?!?!

Audrey II:

No shit Sherlock! Next you'll say I'm created by Ernie and Bert

Vines attacks both 2 and 4 leg beings so you better stay alert

While Seymor feeds me dentists who give Bill Murray a root canal

I'm passing genetics to mini-mes like pea pod studies from Mendel

For when I make a scene on broadway, I will never be small

and anyone who says otherwise, I'll be busting your balls

From an eclispse, I put Cleveland, Des Mois, Peoria, and New York on my plate

For its Suppertime for this Mean Green Mother from Outer Space

(Mother Nature appears in front of them all)

Mother Nature:

It seems this slightly better of the Happening is in need of a savior

for when this Mother's on the mic, I'll truly be in inside her nature

created a whole inspiration to creators from Thoreau to Rembrandt

as I begin to clear you all starting with the blood thirsty Piranha Plant

For it was shocking that Rick Moranis actually defeated this artichoke

So I doubt this venus fly trap could even handle the killer tomatoes

as for this soviet sausage who seems to suffer from his own complex

he was better off as becoming bacon for Mr. Jones' Breakfast

While Mewtwo Returns for a fight but he won't go far though

cause Team Rocket should've used Ditto over this purple Bizarro

I'm blowing Charles Darwin away along with his little finch flock

as this tornado flows them all the way back to their little rock

Give another flood to Noah just to see if his ship still floats

cause if not, I guess the one in Turkey will no longer be a hoax

As Ash contains a femine voice but still acts like he's tough

but his raps just put me too sleep like it was a Jigglypuff

I've had enough with this battle, so after serving all these Muks

I'll leave them with Father Time Because...

Father Time:



  • The beat used in the first verses of this battle is called "It Can't Rain Forever" Sad Inspiring Piano Choir Beat and can be found here
    • The beat used in Darwin's verse is called Free Beat Tape [Ape Shit] With DL Link and can be found here
    • The beat used in Mewtwo's verse is called Garageband/Logic Express Rap Beat: "Nightmare" -POKEMON/LAVENDER TOWN SAMPLE and can be found here
    • The beat used in Napoleon's verse is called //FARM - INSTRUMENTAL (FREE USE)// - IONJI BEATS and can be found here
    • The beat used in Audrey II's verse is called Aggressive Organ Rap-Beat and can be found here
    • The beat used in Mother Nature's verse is called Human Nature - Rap Beat - DJ Mario On The Track and can be found here
  • Caesar (Planet of The Apes) was once considered to represent Animal Control but was instead replaced by Napoleon due to Dragon thinking he was more notable and his love for Orwell's novel, Animal Farm.
  • Jane Goodall was also once considered to represent Animal Society but was scrapped.

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