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Board Games VS Video Games

Board Games VS Video Games
Cover Board Games vs Video Games
Battle information
Release date January 30th, 2016
Number 36
Views 68
Length 3:55
Previous Jack Skellington VS The Grinch
Next Saint Patrick VS Saint Valentine
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The 36th Installment/The Season 4 Premiere of Dragon Rap Battles Features Board Game Designers (Alfonso X,Milton Bradley, George Parker, and Gary Gygax) against Video Game Designers (Ralph Baer, Shigeru Miyamoto, Nolan Bushnell, and Gabe Newell) to see which is the better form of gaming.

The BattleEdit


The Castle Warlord leads the batter of patter against these virtual chatters

Rhymes straight from my Book of Games chute my snake up your wives’ ladders

From Senet to Mehen our invention rolled history along like dice

Now let me pass the mic to continue the Swabian line


Do Not Pass Go, Instead we'll Spy on these designers til we backstab 'em with a knife


Your fans give themselves 1-Ups to your pinups, always failing the Game of Life

Gary Gyrax:

While we got this rap battle locked like I’m The fucking Dungeon Master

And your best shot at this match is as accurate as your NES Blasters

The Board Game Designers:

We’re physical, original, everything you got to show is digital


Pull the plug on your Operation


And thus what’s left is quite pitiful

You’re taking a RISK stepping to us,


we’re kicking ya from Alaska to Cuba

These bitches of Nintendo will fold back to the ages of Hanafuda!

Ralph Baer:

Simon says Stop! Before I knock these dusty crocks right in their Brown Box,

It appears Grandma forgot to lock the drawer from which this history has popped!

We’ll make Toons to Reality, the reality is you toons are just the demo

I can't Baer any of you guys, so I'll sell it to my man from Nintendo!


Now You're Playing With Power when I have The Game & Watch you fall through

Because Wii Fit, Wii Control, and Wii will Party on Resorts once Wii Own U



We got so many quaters in the arcades, they begin to break our machines


Once we ÜberCharge at these foes, they'll gonna need to blow off some Steam


Good thing you’re all together


Finally they have someone to play each other


Hasbro blows, when it comes to Parker's company, we Super Smash Brothers!


You guys need an upgrade,


Let’s plug a reboot in their rear!


So I suggest like Pac-Man,


Waka Waka Waka Waka on outta here!


Respect a war vet, or I’ll show you floppy CODs real violence

Of course your players are introverts; Sub-Zero left them spineless


The day I show respect, is the day your son does,

I don’t see a man in my eyes, you’re just an obscure Fuch!


Close your Valve Gabe, you’re getting Counter Strikes from the mind of Bradley

This Day of Defeat will leave him Left 4 Dead longer then the release of Half-Life 3


Bradley spent his final years making Crayola colorful, too bad his work can’t state the same

Mofos can’t flow to Miyamoto’s mojo leave your Pokeballs cracked and tamed!

Gary Gyrax:

Put your Miyamotives dungeonside and crack down Pikmin creations

The only scary things you've got are your Live-Action abominations!

Nolan Bushnell:

Oh The Jeremy Irony when your Dungeons and Dragons film caused mockery and more drama

You're probably the only known rapper in your team because of that episode in Futurama

George C. Parker:

Oh please, you’re all Queens, while I own you like Monopoly!

Shooting Nolan faster than Nathan Dunlap at a Chuck E. Cheese!

Ralph Baer:

You clearly don't have a Clue at who you're rapping against, so why don't you just say Sorry

I get lost cutting through your egos, bigger than the drop of Odyssey!

The Board Game Designers:

We've been around here way longer, have these GameBoys know that we're the best

Why don't you make like your games, and leave this battle unfinished like Swordquest?

But in the end my friends, the past will crash ya like it's 1983

Leave you all dead and buried next to the catridges of Atari's E.T.!

The Video Game Designers:

It's time to Whack These Moles to show these underachievers that we're above

Connect 4 Dudes into our Mouse Trap and uppercut them with The Power Glove

with our virtual creations, we left generations upon generations left with games that entertain

There's a reason why people add BORED in your name when it ever comes to your games


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