Captain Falcon VS Saitama YT Cover
Captain Falcon VS Saitama (Bonus DRB)01:50

Captain Falcon VS Saitama (Bonus DRB)

Captain Falcon VS Saitama
Captain Falcon VS Saitama Cover
Battle information
Release date December 5th, 2016
Number 1 (Bonus Battle)
Views 97
Length 1:49
Previous L. Ron Hubbard VS HP Lovecraft
Next Rorschach VS L (Season 5 Premiere)
Rappers Captain Falcon short picSaitama short pic

The 1st bonus battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features Captain Falcon and Saitama to see who has the deadlier punch.

The BattleEdit

Captain Falcon:

Captain Falcon has entered the track and is about to set loose

Cause when it comes to battling Caillou, i’m in no need for a boost

Just look at his costume over there, its design has lowered my thrill

Perhaps I’ll bring in my Blue Falcon and turn his street cred to road kill

As my moveset will bring more heat than any spicy curry or burrito

While yours is so weak that you couldn’t even kill one mosquito

Containing powerful attacks that even Ganondorf would approve

But for now I end my turn, as it’s time for you to Show Me Your Moves


Ok….I was expecting a foe that was much greater

But I guess it’s me against this reject version of Speed Racer

So try me Captain, but all your moves to me will feel like cotton

Because when I fight, I make galactic foes look like Robbie Rotten

With one punch, I could cause massive destruction to a terrain

But the day I lose is when Nintendo makes another F-Zero Game

In which I doubt Miyamoto would care to actually make another

So it’s best for you to keep making a living off of Smash Brothers

Captain Falcon:

Well you’re just an anime trend whose i’m gonna need to prink through

Falcon Kick you so hard that your memes will turn back to Hatsune Miku

Leave you mute like my City as I Falcon Punch you til the obscene

You claim to be the greatest Hero, but your status is at a C


If I’m a C, then you’re an F-Zero Value to Pass

I bet that even Mumen Rider could deliver some justice on your ass

You think you’re flaming bird is powerful, but I am not surprised

Cause in the end like a falcon, my fist will put you in The Big Blue Sky

(Fists Contact causing a giant explosion)


  • The beat used in this battle is called RAP/ROCK HIP HOP BEAT - Relentless ( and can be found here
  • This is the first bonus battle in DRB.

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