Charlie Chaplin vs Mr. Bean is the 58th installment of Dragon Rap Battles. It features the big-screen comedian Charlie Chaplin battling the small-screen comedian Mr. Bean to see who's the better British silent comedian. It was released April 2nd, 2017.

Cast Edit

Zack Maloney as Charlie Chaplin

dragonsblood23 as Mr. Bean

Lyrics Edit

Charlie Chaplin: Edit

Now for this special occasion, for once I'm breaking my silence

As Mr. Bean is nothing but spilled from this cinematic giant

Ripping off my style, this is the greatest power I've ever seen

Bored from rollercoasters? I'll replace you with a better Bean

For like the great dictator preaching his words to the Germans

Let's all unite against the creepy brother of Pee-wee Herman

For when it came to the golden age of movies, I'm the master

While your raps are just like your film, an ultimate disaster

Mr. Bean: Edit

Straight from the skies comes the one and only Bean

As it's curtains for Chaplin, "if you know what I mean"

For it's true, the audience loves to watch this scamp

They don't know that behind the screen was four ladies and a tramp

Walking around with your cane doing your little penguin walk

Just reminds me you're a skinny version of Cobblepot

Because when I enter the rink, you knew your end was near

So go ahead and cry about it to your best friend, the mirror

Charlie Chaplin: Edit

Oh please, the only friend you had was a teddy bear

While your rise to fame was your creepy-ass stare

I'm in a Gold Rush through that bank, making that dough

My studio makes minds flow, from The Muppets to Nintendo

Keller, Disney, Gandhi and Einstein

All who loved my early flicks and worshiped my comedic mind

Bend you like my cane, as this time there's no hoax contriversial

Now watch me make you disappear like a Snickers commercial

Mr. Bean: Edit

I'll leave you flat if you face against my Leyland Mini

As your Hitler moustache got your commie ass banned in the 50s

You best be like Harold Lloyd and leave your career to hang

While I raise my claim to fame at the start of the Olympic Games

Cause your true character's a drunk who couldn't get more tragic

I'll make you disappear like it was magic *snort snort*

Call me Frank Karno, son, as your carrer is about to get creamed

As the day of your death on Christmas was God saying "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean"