Guevara VS Big Brother YT Cover
Che Guevara VS Big Brother

Che Guevara VS Big Brother

Che Guevara VS Big Brother
Cover Big Brother vs Che Guevara
Battle information
Release date August 4th, 2015
Number 21
Views 98
Length 2:50
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The 21st Installment/The Season 3 Premiere of Dragon Rap Battles Features Che Guevara and Big Brother who are later to be backed up by O'Brien and Fidel Castro to see the battle in Revolution VS Order

The BattleEdit

Big Brother:

Freeze Che! Unless you want to end up like the others,

I'd suggest you don't rap against the Notorious Big Brother!

Just rapping against me is a serious thought crime!

As punishment, I'll send you to the Anaconda Copper Mines!

While my movie got praised from Siskel & Ebert,

You only got fame on some lousy T-Shirts!

It's time some order comes from this Cuban brute,

Headline; "Big Brother Stops Che!" By The Ministry of Truth

Che Guevara:

Stop the presses! Cause I have yet to be brawling

Against a man who was based on Joseph Stalin

Teaching poor men to read and giving soldiers some class

To avoid a book by a guy with a Hitler mustache

You're showing off Goldstein just to start a controversal

While I'll be dropping hammers like a Macintosh Commercial!

The Symbol of Rebellion; Now way you can beat this!

And since it's 1984, I'll block you like Tetris!

Big Brother:

You can't block me! I led The Ignsoc society

Like Winston and his journal, go back to your pathetic diary!

The Children you inspired lead to an assassination fail,

While the children of Oceania sing of me on the rails.

Che Guevara:

Did you accidently put your research of me into the memory hole?

Cause you forgotten all the armored trains that I stole!

Fear the 26th of July cause I remain unstoppable,

Cause I'll be Realistic and Demand the Impossible!

Big Brother:

Demand The Impossible? So like you beating me?

Get back on your Granma and head off to the sea

Send you to 101 where we will straigten your brain

O'Brien take the mic; But Big Brother is Watching you Che


Big Brother is he who controls the past, present, and future!

There's a Party in the CIA, when your captured and tortured!

Go back to giving lectures in the city of Mexico

Before your Allergetic head falls into my cage of Mosquitos

We take over Argentina and make it our nation,

Cause with Havanna, we increase our chocolate rations

Get the thought police in here that way you won't escape

Once you're "Cured", meet us at Chestnut Tree Café

Che Guevara:

Save the Victory Gin for later cause i'm after this psycho

Cause I've rougher journies with my motorcycle

Call me The Vault Dweller cause I escaped the apocalypic Vault 101,

And I'll support Fidel so he would end you fun

Fidel Castro:

Doublethink before you rap against Guirella Warfare!

Invading Bay of Pigs to get JFK scared

Big Brother on CBS is  a better series to dive

Cause at least they know 2 + 2 =/= 5

Call my homeboy, Khrushchev, all the way from Eurasia

Launching Nukes on the superstate known as Oceania

Put a cigar in my mouth cause I led to the best solution

Communist Rule is the Newspeak for Ingsoc, Viva La Revolution!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called "To Glory" Epic Inspiring Cinematic Choir Orchestral Beat and can be found here
  • This is the first premiere to have more than two rappers.
  • On November 25th 2016, Castro died making him the first rapper to have died after his battle's release