Actor information
Nickname(s) Dragon
YouTube Channel Dragonsblood23
Appearance information
As Almost Every character

Dragonsblood23 is the creator and the announcer of Dragon Rap Battles.

Info with the userEdit

Dragonsblood23 was a user that got his name from the book Dragon's Blood and his favorite number, 23. Dragon created DRB because of the inspiration from ERB, Infinate Source, Moleman Rap Battles, and Epic Rap Battle Parodies. During the first half of Season 1, he used a Canon Camera to record and then used Windows '98 Movie Maker. However, his camera broke so he put the battle on hiatus. This was until he figured out about Movie Maker app from his IPad he got for Christmas. So Dragon records/edits off his IPad to make his work more simple. His Series overall has been mixed.

Interactions with The AnnouncerEdit

While most times The Announcer just does his normal job, sometimes he gets into the battle.

Sigmund Freud VS Dr. PhilEdit

The Announcer changes the CD as Dr. Phil acknowledges him as The DJ

Colonel Sanders VS Gordon RamsayEdit

The Announcer was interrupted by Gordon Ramsay.

Wolverine VS Edward ScissorhandsEdit

Wolverine asks the Announcer what was going on as Edward Scissorhands was murdered by Freddy Krueger. The Announcer explains that he fell asleep and into the dream world where he was threatened by Freddy to put him in the battle OR ELSE. Later near the end of the battle, Wolverine threatens the announcer to not add anymore clawed foes.

Hugh Hefner VS CasanovaEdit

The Announcer at the end tries to get the ladies but Susan B. Anthony tells him to not do that.

Jack Skellington VS The GrinchEdit

Krampus comes down and tells everyone has been naughty except for The Announcer in which he was given Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Announcer got excited about his gift but remembered he had a battle to do as he announces Krampus.

Jigsaw VS RiddlerEdit

Dragon gets kidnapped in the beginning and later escapes leaving The Riddler behind.

Ponce De León VS Sun WukongEdit

Sun Wukong attacks Dragon because he wants to start the battle already making Dragon upset.

Jay Gatsby VS Barney StinsonEdit

Dragon is seen a few times taking a drink in the young night of New York City.

Vlad The Impaler VS Ozzy OsbourneEdit

Dragon is seen as a cameo playing Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne's mod game, Run Kitty Run. This is a reference to his young childhood, where he would play this game with the background music being a Nightcore version of Linkin Park's Numb.

Spider-Man VS Harry PotterEdit

Dragon speaks out as a cameo spoiling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Snape killed Dumbledore, pointing to the exact page in the book with a snake around his neck.

L. Ron Hubbard VS HP LovecraftEdit

Dragon appears holding a Cthulhu POP Funko figure but drops it finding out Cthulhu is about to destroy the world.


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