Drake and Josh VS Laurel and Hardy YT Cover
Drake & Josh VS Laurel & Hardy - Dragon Rap Battles 5402:00

Drake & Josh VS Laurel & Hardy - Dragon Rap Battles 54

Drake & Josh VS Laurel & Hardy
Drake and Josh VS Laurel and Hardy Cover
Battle information
Release date February 13th, 2017
Number 54
Views 196
Length 1:59
Previous Snow White VS Ramona Flowers
Next Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka
Rappers Drake and Josh short picLaurel and Hardy short pic

The 54th battle of Dragon Rap Battles features Drake & Josh and Laurel & Hardy to see who is the better comedic duo.

The BattleEdit

Drake & Josh:

It’s best this English and American duo simply walk away

Cause when it comes to defeating duos, We Found A Way!

Brotha, I’ll make these two disappear with a JOSHAKAZAM!

Give ‘em Sheep Thrills til they’re left hidden like Our lamb

You better Pack Up Your Troubles cause this won’t go well

We’re the best duo of Nickelodeon since Kenan & Kel!

We’ll give the dance of these cuckoos a lyrical strike

So like your early days, you’re better off silent on the mic!

Laurel and Hardy:

Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten yourselves into!

Though props for thinking you’ll win this, so Hats Off to you,

But in the end we’ll make you look like Eric and Craig

How could you even school us if you fail to school The 5th Grade

You must be Unaccustomed, As We Are both funny and smug

To simply steal your raps fast as if we were The Theater Thug

Cause you know when we Go Hollywood we’re sure to Party!

So don’t you dare try to step up to Laurel & Hardy!

Drake & Josh:

Whoa, Just Take It Easy Man, yeah, don't tell us what to do

Especially when Abbott and Costello are better than you two

Now I ain't calling you a truther, if you think you Leave 'Em Laughing

Their First Mistake was their humor, and their second was their rapping

Got a guitar to rock the mic so you’ll know Who's Got Game

From The Amanda Show to Vine Vids, we can still entertain

So in the end, when it comes to the best duo, there ain’t no other

So let the Chickens Come Home AND HUG ME BROTHA!

Laurel and Hardy:

The Best Duo in Entertainment? Please, we’ll call out these bluffers

Especially when the Nick duo decided to rip another set of brothers

You had a fight over a Foam Finger yet you think that you’re better?

Please, we’ll leave Josh twitching out like he was doing the weather

And Well-Rounded like a GameSphere to take on this Teen Casanova

As our rhymes will hit them harder than when you ran into Oprah

Cause you are Nothing but Trouble, and we’ll soon have you straighten

Soon in the end, we’ll screw you so hard that you better call us Megan!


  • The beat used in this battle is called Jordan Beats - Soulful Epic Choir Underground Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2016 and can be found here
  • Drake is voiced by Damon and Hardy is voiced by Matt

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