Character information
Full name Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System
Nickname(s) GLaDOS
Little Caroline
First appearance October 9th 2007
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Yellow
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jigsaw VS Riddler
Vs The Riddler
Billy The Puppet
John Spilsbury
Release date March 11th, 2016

GLaDOS is a character that went up against The Riddler, Jigsaw, Billy The Puppet and later John Spilsbury in Jigsaw VS Riddler.

Info About The RapperEdit

GLaDOS is the main villain of the video game series, Portal. GLaDOS was created by Aperature Science, a corporation founded by Cave Johnson that known for their research in Portal technology. GLaDOS would eventually get corrupt and murder the scientists using Neurotoxin Gas while the remaining ones would be test subjects for the Portal gun.

Many would fail as only two would be the only living subjects, the mysterious Rat Man, and Chell, who would defeat GLaDOS in Portal. In Portal 2, a core named Wheatley would go corrupt and takeover GLaDOS' system as he sends her into being powered by potato known as PotatOS. Chell would save PotatOS from being eaten by birds where she would team up with Chell to stop Wheatley from destroying the place as Chell would send Wheatley and herself to The Moon but is saved by GLaDOS in a nick of time. GLaDOS is one of the most known video game villains of all time.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It seems my Neurotoxin has taken its latest victims

who think they'll defeat the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System

If you're Still Alive, congrats, but rapping against me won't be easy

Compared to the brains of me, you two might as well eat a Moronic brand of Wheaties

Like Cave Johnson, if I get Lemons, I'll be making Lemon Grenades

No Morality Core Here, I'm Sarcastic with no emotions like an AI Ludgate

These Lab Rats should've been Gone once my system has become awake

but now you're my test subjects to test some portal guns for delicious Cake

It would leave Nigma dicapitated more than his role in Nolan's Dark Knight

and without a Companion Cube, Kramer might as well retry comitting suicide

Luckily you know as much about flow as you know about logical contradictions

Shoot you to the Moon in

Space Core:


to get scientifically efficiant

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