Character information
Birth name Galileo Galilei
Nickname(s) Father of observational astronomy
Father of modern physics
Father of science
Born February 15th 1564
Died January 8th 1642 (Age 77)
Physical description
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Galileo VS Carl Sagan
Vs Carl Sagan
Release date October 8th, 2015

Galileo is a character that went up against Carl Sagan in Galileo VS Carl Sagan.

Info About The RapperEdit

Galileo (February 15th 1564 - January 8th 1642) was an astronomer who was a major part of the Scientific Revolution who discovered The Planet Jupiter and did studies on many planets. He was also known for his works of gravity including figuring out the obeservation of an example of a pendulum from a chandelier and discovering that all things land on the ground at the same time. He tested this by using several light and heavy objects and drop them at The Tower of Pisa.

Because of his work though, the Catholic Church arrested him and put him through house arrest for the rest of his life. Galileo is considered one of the major figures that has change the world of science today.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

The Starry Messenger is about to make Contact with this farce

Made the telescope, so nowhere in the Cosmos would he hide his ass

Io-wn from any hack who derived off my mapping

Your blood cells out your true character, why are you even rapping?

Your suggestions were hypotheses until I went cosmic fly, Carl

I took a swing, and go pendulum and come back as hard

because I might as well be travelling upon a flat plane, heathen

I'll leave this conspiracy theorist's world haunted by more than Demons

Verse 2:

Si, house arrest, you shall arrest your breath as my victory's on the horizon

I RULE THE COSMOS! YOU SHALL NEIL ON DE-GRASSE, this won't end in a Ty, son.

You were replaced left and right, not even Einstein could be called my successor

Experiencing friction? You ripped work faster than that unoriginal Newton fella

I'll damage you faster than Kuwaiti oil supposedly did the ozone, this is heliocentric

I'm revolving around the star, the father of modern science is dominating an eccentric

Pale Blue Dot, you're nothing but a speck, I've got a strength in materials!

Enough to go full Dialogue with this special Bill Nye with a fetish for extraterrestrials!


  • He is the first character not to be written by Dragon but by Iamthelegion
    • However Dragon did rap as him though

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