Carl Sagan VS Galileo YT Cover
Galileo VS Carl Sagan

Galileo VS Carl Sagan

Galileo VS Carl Sagan
Cover Galileo vs Carl Sagan
Battle information
Release date October 8th, 2015
Number 27
Views 92
Length 2:13
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The 27th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Galileo and Carl Sagan to see who is the better astronomer.

The BattleEdit

Galileo Galilei:

The Starry Messenger is about to make Contact with this farce

Made the telescope, so nowhere in the Cosmos would he hide his ass

Io-wn from any hack who derived off my mapping

Your blood cells out your true character, why are you even rapping?

Your suggestions were hypotheses until I went cosmic fly, Carl

I took a swing, and go pendulum and come back as hard

because I might as well be travelling upon a flat plane, heathen

I'll leave this conspiracy theorist's world haunted by more than Demons

Carl Sagan:

If you wish to make a decent rap from scratch...

You must first realize that you're clearly outmatched!

Lets take a Personal Voyage to see your wrong ways

Like how your best "invention" overshadowed Lippershey

My flow's like Kepler's theory, waves that you just deny

So Savage like a Mars Vikings that NASA calls me fly

I got a number after me for all the stars that ever roamed

While you remained imprisoned at your very own home!

Galileo Galilei:

Si, house arrest, you shall arrest your breath as my victory's on the horizon

I RULE THE COSMOS! YOU SHALL NEIL ON DE-GRASSE, this won't end in a Ty, son.

You were replaced left and right, not even Einstein could be called my successor

Experiencing friction? You ripped work faster than that unoriginal Newton fella

I'll damage you faster than Kuwaiti oil supposedly did the ozone, this is heliocentric

I'm revolving around the star, the father of modern science is dominating an eccentric

Pale Blue Dot, you're nothing but a speck, I've got a strength in materials!

Enough to go full Dialogue with this special Bill Nye with a fetish for extraterrestrials!

Carl Sagan:

For some genius at University, This fast rapper was a skipper

and now this Drop Out's daughter is "observing" my Big Dipper!

Cause she'll no longer be healing burns from This Dragon of Eden,

Cause I'll be dropping the mic at The Tower of Pisa once your beaten!

A glorious dawn has arrived once I send out a galactic diss

With 400 billion suns, that you stolen from Copernicus!

Cause your ego's the size of Jupiter, but it shall become worse,

You think discovery planets was big? Then allow me to show you the universe!


  • The beat used in this battle is called De FROiZ – Space and time [ Sad Emotional Crying Piano Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental ] and can be found here
  • This is the first battle with a guest star Iamthelegion
    • He was meant to rap as Galileo but was busy at the time, he however, wrote for Galileo though.