Actor information
Nickname(s) GM
Yah Exalts
YouTube Channel Yah Exalts
Appearance information
As Mark Zuckerberg
Alfonso X
Milton Bradley
Ralph Baer
Sun Wukong

GravityMan is a cast rapper, writer, and chiseler at Dragon Rap Battles.

Info with the userEdit

GravityMan first met Dragon on ERB Wiki in which they would become friends. Gravity soon found out about DRB and offered to become a part of it. Dragon accepted GM's offer after giving off some line ideas for Waldo VS Carmen Sandiego. Gravity first rapped as Mark Zuckerberg in Zuckerberg VS Gutenberg and would later guest in other DRBs. Gravity outside of DRB works on Wiki with his series, Literature VS History, a series with real/fictional characters go up against characters from Literature.


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