Hippie Rat
Actor information
Nickname(s) Hippie
Fredericks the Great
The Rizzat
The Tampanian Devil
Appearance information
As Kirk Fogg

Hippie Rat is a guest writer and actor in Dragon Rap Battles.

Information on the actorEdit

Hippie Rat became a user on the ERB Wiki the day Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong was released. He has since posted his solo blog rap battle series Hippie Rat Battle Raps before shifting toward his review series Hippie Rat Reviews, where he got to know Dragon after reviewing Spider-Man VS Harry Potter. He was then brought on to chisel a couple battles and voice Kirk Fogg, which took an unfortunately grueling amount of time.


  • Hippie Rat was originally going to voice Olmec in his cameo during Kirk Fogg's verse, with a recording of him doing so having been made, though the role was ultimately taken by Dragon.

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