Howard Carter
Howard Carter
Character information
Birth name Howard Carter
Born May 18th 1874
Died March 2nd 1939 (Age 64)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Howard Carter VS John Hammond
Vs John Hammond
Release date November 28th, 2015

Howard Carter is a character that went up against John Hammond in Howard Carter VS John Hammond.

Info About The RapperEdit

Howard Carter (May 18th 1874- March 2nd 1939) was an English archaeologist who was known for discovering the tombs of King Tut in KV62.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Ah Ah Ah, You didn't say the magic word

A better rapper as Santa in a straw hat would be absurd

Maybe next time you should've studied Chaos Theory

Just Ask Dr. Ian Malcolm

Ian Malcolm

Life, uh, finds a way

You rely on one fat hacker with a switch to every electric fence

then shit went down when he betrayed you and left your grandkids with no defense

I'll shut this park down as it is way too lethal

You're rapping is worse than any of the Jurassic Park sequels

Verse 2:

But John, make note of what I said before

that reviving dinosaurs will only lead to blood and gore

Not even Weird Al would see your island so hostel

You're better killed off by the Procompsognathus in the novel

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