Hugh Hefner VS Casanova YT Cover
Hugh Hefner VS Casanova03:08

Hugh Hefner VS Casanova

Hugh Hefner VS Casanova
Cover Hugh Hefner vs Casanova
Battle information
Release date November 11th, 2015
Number 30
Views 117
Length 3:07
Previous Salvador Dalí VS M.C. Escher
Next Wallace & Gromit VS Shaggy and Scooby
Rappers Hugh Hefner short picCasanova short picSusan B Anthony short pic

The 30th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Hugh Hefner and Casanova to see who is the better womanizer, however Susan B. Anthony comes in to set things straight for these men.

The BattleEdit

Hugh Hefner:

Face of playboy, the Don Juan at Mi Casa spitting SuperNovas

If this synonym says he can win, I understand the super noses

Here's a Grand Tour through my mansion, oh now that I remember

You were right, nobody's better than Henriette, she's on the cover in December

Your monk endeavours didn't last till After Dark, not a single night

While I have writers that shine bright upon my mingle enterprise!

So while all your girls are fading, pick up the mag by your side

You'll see amazing illusions, playmates and the Story of My Life


Mr. Hefner I must say, that first verse was awful

maybe next time you shold've read my cast of novels!

For History's greatest womanizer that went around the globe

Why did he have to go up against William Shatner in a red robe

Because when it comes to the ladies men, their ain't no other

Though none will ever be important as my beloved Grandmother

My life's so crazy, I escaped Prison with a Monk right at Midnight

So I'll let this old man retort, while I'm with 5 beautiful ladies in 1 night

Hugh Hefner:

I'm an activist, a philanthropist, so why should I be standing this?

You're acting as if you did more than just be a demanding bitch!

You lied and gambled, spyed till in shackles and always rambled

Obsessed with magic? Well I'm for sure a word magician in this battle!

Disgraced everywhere, so this boasting noble man seeked for honour

But why bother? You'd end up always leaving like your mother and father!

You blow at jobs like my bunnies hip hop! I'll burn your memoir down to the letter!

It's evident, you can't be better than this Veteran, you'll never be as Hugh as Hefner!


You cancelled Nudes in Playboy, while I invest The First Lottery

I tricked the eldery before don't believe me, ask Madame d’Urfé

Put this into Military Papers, cause I may be old style

but marrying a 29 year old at 89 is clearly a pedophile

Destory your Mansion and Penthouse just to give you a scare,

then afterwards This Violinist will play and chill with Voltaire

A Rap Wizard like Pinball, and have the high score set

Cause no woman shall deny me because I have no regrets

Susan B. Anthony:

Casanova, you will soon regret letting Susan B. Antony fight,

because 2 creepy men fight against the idol of Women's Rights!

Lets start with you, Hugh, who is tolerable at best

whom I guess I'll give credit for being a feminist activist

But even with all those acts Hefner I think you completley sank low

cause Playboy Enterprise give the wrong views since Marilyn Monroe

Now I move on to Casanova over here whom I ready to slaughter

had sex with over 155 women including a mother and daughter

I led the march for Women's Votes with even Stanton to join

and I'll be face you right on like my one dollar coin

Call me Wonder Woman, cause ode own my National Justice League,

Even when I got arrested, I showed the ballot i'm a voting machine

Check the 19th Amendment, cause Women's Suffrage is a given

While Casanova's a librarian and Hugh's covering Marge Simpson

Its time that these two perverts turn into proper gentlemen

Starting off that you two will learn The Declaration of Sentiments


Not Now!


  • The beat used for Hugh and Casanova is called SWAG BEAT ILLUMINATI HIP HOP RAP INSTRUMENTAL 2015 and can be found here
    • The beat used for Susan B. Anthony is called [Heavenly March] Rap/HipHop Beat and can be found here
  • On September 27th 2017, Hugh Hefner died making him the second rapper to have died after his battle's release after Fidel Castro.

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