Jack Skellington
Jack Skellinton
Character information
Full name Jack Skellington
Nickname(s) The Pumpkin King
First appearance October 29th 1993
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes None
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jack Skellington VS The Grinch
Vs The Grinch
Release date December 18th, 2015

Jack Skellington is a character that went up against The Grinch and later Krampus in Jack Skellington VS The Grinch.

Info About The RapperEdit

Jack Skellington is a legend in Halloween Town who discovers Christmas and tries to create his own version of it. However, it doesn't go well and he learns that Halloween and Christmas is a terrible combination as he saves Santa from the villainous Oogie Boogie.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

What's this? Some kind of toxic Chewbacca clutter

or is this just Oscar The Grouch's Shakespearean brother

You're battling the Pumpkin King son! So you must be brave

But i'll be chilling in my mansion while you just live in a cave

I'm the perfect skeleton, you have termites in your teeth

I'd rather see this seasick crocadile face my Man-Eating Wreath

I'm a one of kind but it's about to get wild

When I send this Oogie Boogie wannabe to exile

Verse 2:

How dare you compare Sally to one of those sell outs

Was it cause she had a vision that you flopped no doubt?!

Not even Jim Carrey could add jokes to that junk

Fans and Critics say and I quote "Stink! Stank! Stunk!"

This is Halloween Grinch, don't you dare get it twisted

Cause this sickness of my disses are making buisness in Making Christmas

You have no heart because you haven't got a clue

That in that day in Whoville they ask who cares about you!


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