Jack Skellington VS The Grinch YT Cover
Jack Skellington VS The Grinch03:40

Jack Skellington VS The Grinch

Jack Skellington VS The Grinch
Cover Jack Skellington vs The Grinch
Battle information
Release date December 18th, 2015
Number 35
Views 154
Length 3:40
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The 35th Installment/The Season 3 Finale/The Christmas Special of Dragon Rap Battles Features Jack Skellington against The Grinch to see who stole Christmas better until Krampus comes down to punish them for their misdeeds.

The BattleEdit

Jack Skellington:

What's this? Some kind of toxic Chewbacca clutter

or is this just Oscar The Grouch's Shakespearean brother

You're battling the Pumpkin King son! So you must be brave

But i'll be chilling in my mansion while you just live in a cave

I'm the perfect skeleton, you have termites in your teeth

I'd rather see this seasick crocadile face my Man-Eating Wreath

I'm a one of kind but it's about to get wild

When I send this Oogie Boogie wannabe to exile

The Grinch:

You know I was gonna say your dick was 3 sizes too small

But since your a skeleton, I doubt you have any balls at all

Keep in mind, that your sequel was left to be a cutoff

While I rock the mic with the voice of Boris Karloff

Now I hate your emo fans of whiny girls and boys

But I hate your music more with all the noise noise noise!

Cause me and my dog, Max, can beat you and Zero in a fight

Go fuck that Monster High doll cause Halloween is Grinch Night

Jack Skellington:

How dare you compare Sally to one of those sell outs

Was it cause she had a vision that you flopped no doubt?!

Not even Jim Carrey could add jokes to that junk

Fans and Critics say and I quote "Stink! Stank! Stunk!"

This is Halloween Grinch, don't you dare get it twisted

Cause this sickness of my disses are making buisness in Making Christmas

You have no heart because you haven't got a clue

That in that day in Whoville they ask who cares about you!

The Grinch:

Yeah but I eventually made peace down in Whoville

While this Numbskull is prancing in Spiral Hills

In which those spirals, I'd rather see Spiral Mountain

Cause I least they don't have those green polluted fountains

Your residents are weirdos especially that Harlequin Demon

This "Creative" guy should've been replaced by that foxy Harley Quinn

Poor Jack, this spoiled brat is about to be ceased

Cause once things are cooking up, i'm gonna cut this roast beast!

(Christmas Bells start to come on as Jack and Grinch get confused and then scared)

(Krampus enters)


MWAHAHAHAHA You've all been very naughty! Very naughty indeed! Except for you Dragonsblood, this is for you.


Ah man, Gremlins 2: The New Batch! Ah man, I love that movie! Oh yeah I should probably announce you first *coughs* The German Folklore Legend.....KRAAAAAAAAMPUS!


The monstrous Alpine Folktale has come to the midst

That the battle between two dues beyond The Naughty List

So this Satyr's coming down and bring them to their graves

For punishment of how they schemed and they misbehave

These Christmas Invaders shall be soon in their coda

When they pretend to be someone else more than Haruhi Fujioka

Following that you lie to children and that's really corrupt

Ask my homeboy Saint Nick on this

Santa Claus:

Ho Ho Woah That's Pretty Fucked!


Just had a hit christmas film that filled my distinction

Block Bust so hard, it led The Good Dinosaur to extinction

Now I may not know Jack, but i'll have you chilled to the bone

and You're The Mean One with the cartoon by Chuck Jones

Start off by burning the holiday trees from which I deduce

Then i'll do the same for The Wubboulous World of Dr. Seuss

You may have redeemed yourselves but this won't end well

Cause once I chain you down, I'll bring your birched ass to Hell!


  • The beat used in Grinch's and Skellington's verses is called Christmas Hip Hop Beat/ Instrumental "Don't Be A Grinch" and can be found here
  • The beat used for Krampus' verses is called "Judgement Day" Angry Dark Epic Piano Choir Beat and can be found here
  • This is the 4th battle to be based on an event (Christmas)
  • A major error in the battle is that the line "Cause once things are cooking up, I'm gonna cut this roast beast!" doesn't appear in the video

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