Jay Gatsby VS Barney Stinson YT Cover
Jay Gatsby VS Barney Stinson

Jay Gatsby VS Barney Stinson

Jay Gatsby VS Barney Stinson
Jay Gatsby vs Barney Stinson
Battle information
Release date July 11th, 2016
Number 46
Views 34
Length 2:03
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The 46th battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features Jay Gatsby against Barney Stinson later to be backed up by their narrating friends of Ted Mosby and Nick Carraway to see who is the more mysterious rich individual who party with their small group of friends in New York, live by their own code and spend lots of money to get the girl(s).

The BattleEdit


Better suit up, Jay-Z! Because you better be ready

for when Stinson's on the mic, it's gonna be LEGEND....Wait For It.....

(Awkward Silence)


Sure with those wild parties, this "Great" Gatsby was daring

but if I wanted a beer, I'd just take the ambulance to MacLaren's

I'll be cracking this West Egg harder than a PSA with Rachel

as your Daisy Pedals hit the metal at top speed to make a kill

I'd say to tell it to the judge, but that judge is a US Marshall

beating me is farther than any green light, so you better get startled


You shouldn't have accepted this challenege against a man of war

Old Sport, I'll bruise you so hard, you'll be as purple as the dinosaur

Came from Rags to Riches, but now I'm in control of the Jazz Age

Best you go back to your coffee shop and relive your hippie days

Rolls Roye and Beethoven's Dubious Descendants shows my wealth

Owl Eyes knows why your playbook and bro code weren't fit for my shelves

Beat you harder than a triple slapbeat as soon I have this table turned

as I looked down upon your failures like I was a living TJ Eckleberg

Ted Mosby:

Just then, Uncle Barney was about to put this man to rest

but without the help of the main character for his show on CBS

As Jay tried to get with a married woman but it didn't last long

as she probably went to Barney's, straight into the Ho-Be-Gone

She tore down Jay's heart like The Arcadian since she's a 20s bitch

If he really thought she loved him, than he's "eating more than a sandwich"

as his raps blow like a Blue French Horn or a bullet that took away his thunder

but now let's go back to telling you kids the 8 year long story of How I met your Mother

Nick Carraway:

Your Narration wasn't straight forward, in fact you got carried away

I may be neutral on most things, but I'm on Mr. Gatsby's side today

as Barney relied help on an architect who failed as Dr. X

then he smashed up things and creatures to retreat to his money and carlessness

Soon after this battle, I'll go back to my place for some tea

then invite Jordan over as we watch the better show, Friends, on NBC

While Ted was Robin Barney's wife, to which that plot line was upsetting

As you two lost this battle more than your fans after your series ending