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Jigsaw vs Riddler04:37

Jigsaw vs Riddler

Jigsaw VS Riddler
Cover Jigsaw vs Riddler
Battle information
Release date March 11th, 2016
Number 38
Views 50
Length 4:36
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Next Alexander Fleming VS Louis Pasteur
Rappers The Riddler short picJohn KramerBilly The Puppet Short PicGLaDOS short picJohn Spilsbury short pic

The 38th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features The Riddler against Jigsaw alongside Billy The Puppet and later GLaDOS to see who is the better puzzle themed villain. But will the creator of puzzles, John Spilsbury , serve them all in a rap battle first?

The BattleEdit

The Riddler:

Riddle me this, two words but thousands of letters

answer's the post office with angry letters for your sequels with no effort

It's me, Edward Nigma, the definition of an Enigma

While you dress for Chinese New Year as a Gothic Pigma

Compare my raps to The Coffin Trap as you're about to be crushed

I earn my rep in the Legion of Doom, while your victims remain unjust

Before I let you go, first, I have a riddle for you today

I can be cracked, can be made, can be told, can be played


The answer is a joke which is what you are

if you think your games could get you this far

From Meatpacking Plants to Nerve Gas Houses, I am an excellent commuter

While your design in The Batman is a poor form of Alice Cooper

I make a killing in the insurance, more than Matthew Lesko ever could

Cause when the FBI finds me, I go Assassin's Creed on them in the hood

Even mocked by Ivy as this Val killed mer of Jim Carrey's Enthusiasm

but that will not matter to you because you'll be eager to go on and say



(Pig Mask Attacks)

(Riddler wakes up in a dark room with a tied up but later free Dragonsblood23 who runs aways from The Riddler afterwards he finds a tape in a cupcake as he puts it in the TV, Billy The Puppet comes on)

Billy The Puppet:

Hello there Enigma, I'd like to play a game

a game that you used to threaten others, the very same

I see your sucess in listening to the tapes

Coming from the deadly reference to the bullet in the cupcake

you have one verse to beat me if you think you're the best

but I find that hard since you had to cheat for a school contest

unless you contain the wisdom teeth in order to S.U.R.V.I.V.E.

cause if you don't, might as well be on the shotgun carousel ride

I have Amanda and Hoffman while Query and Echo left your group

As I Venus Fly Trap my foes, I'll be blowing more minds than Ice Cube

You Reverse the bearings of my traps, so if this isn't the last time I hear your voice

I'd suggest you Solve this riddle, live or die, make your choice

The Riddler:

I was suppose to be against John Kramer, this is quite a shame

instead he brings out the puppet who has taken all of his fame

you're legacy failed after your death with a poor choice in minions

Since you choose The Mulder Rip Off and the killer of Little Gideon

Now I would've hacked your monitors straight unto my cane controller

But I SAW II many films that were coming this October

If i can out think The Dark Knight, I can out think you in this fight

Such as while I was rapping I saw through the walls, a black flashlight

In which I see a riddle within these walls and in those words of metal

I am better than God, More Evil than The Devil

Poor people have me, Rich People Need Me, What Am I?

The answer is nothing which is what you are from the secret door that you're inside!

(Neurotoxins come out the holes through the walls confusing both Jigsaw and Riddler until it is revealed to be GLaDOS)


It seems my Neurotoxin has taken its latest victims

who think they'll defeat the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System

If you're Still Alive, congrats, but rapping against me won't be easy

Compared to the brains of me, you two might as well eat a Moronic brand of Wheaties

Like Cave Johnson, if I get Lemons, I'll be making Lemon Grenades

No Morality Core Here, I'm Sarcastic with no emotions like an AI Ludgate

These Lab Rats should've been Gone once my system has become awake

but now you're my test subjects to test some portal guns for delicious Cake

It would leave Nigma dicapitated more than his role in Nolan's Dark Knight

and without a Companion Cube, Kramer might as well retry comitting suicide

Luckily you know as much about flow as you know about logical contradictions

Shoot you to the Moon in

Space Core:



to get scientifically efficiant

(Another Foe Lowers the power of GLaDOS and its revealed to be John Spilsbury)

John Spilsbury:

The name is John Spilsbury and I came through all the trouble

to battle the people I inspired who put a dark twist to my puzzles

throw you in The Needle Pit faster than a fast cutting cam extract

as one by one, I'll diss you all, and like the sphere, It's a Fact

Start off with Little Caroline, whose sad security is left absurd

But call me Hitchcock, as I'll send this mashed PotatOS to The Birds

Now unto The Jigsaw Killer, who's really an Edgar Bergen disgrace

Cause I've seen a better mix of puppets and puzzles at The Puzzle Place

Now unlike him, you cured cancer from the Lazarus Pit and found Batman's identity through Triumph

But when you betrayed Hush, things turned into shit as you forgot and thrown to Arkham Asylum

King George The 3rd's Georgrapher has schooled these Gimmicky passovers

Leave you all laying in the bathroom as this riddle is solved! GAME OVER!


  • The beat used in the first verses of this battle is called Dark Flute / Piano Orchestral {Street} Rap Beat and can be found here
    • The beat used in Billy The Puppet's verse is called Saw Theme Song HipHop instrumental and can be found here
    • The beat used in Riddler's 2nd verse is called "Riddle Me This" - {Creepy Piano Hiphop Beat} -(iinfynite) and can be found here
    • The beat used in GLaDOS' verse is called Robot - Instrumental and can be found here
    • The beat used in John Spilsbury's verse is called Epic Soulful Inspiring Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2015 - JP SOUNDZ and can be found here
  • This battle is so far Dragon's favorite.
  • This is the first royale in a DRB

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