John Hammond
John Hammond
Character information
Full name John Hammond
First appearance November 1990
Jurassic Park
Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Howard Carter VS John Hammond
Vs Howard Carter
Release date November 28th, 2015

John Hammond is a character that went up against Howard Carter in Howard Carter VS John Hammond.

Info About The RapperEdit

John Hammond is a character from the series, Jurassic Park. He was an archaeologist who discovered a mosquito from the Jurassic era trapped in a tree sap to which he used to genetically recreate Dinosaurs. He would open a theme park in his success known as Jurassic Park and invite some guests such as Alan grant, an archeaologist, a chaos theorist, Ian Malcolm, etc.

He shows that all the dinosaurs are female causing no harm however, Malcolm points out that life eventually finds a way and it does causing chaos of the dinosaurs to break free and tear down the park. In the novel, Hammond was eventually killed off by the Procompsognathus dinosaurs however, in Steven Spielberg's movie adaption of the series, Hammond lives til the end.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Prepare for an adventure you're about to embark

As I welcome you to Jurassic Park

From an amber sap of a bloodsucking Mosquito

So give up or end up like the bloodsucking lawyer, Donald Gennaro

It took you 15 years to find King Tut's tomb

So maybe just remain hidden within KV62

Cause I've seen better problem solving from a Velociraptor

You better surrender Howard, admit that i'm the better rapper

Verse 2:

I'll break you more than Jurassic World did to the box office

Cause you're dragging this fight more than your digging process

Since the first World War led the digging to a stop

I'm fly as a Pterodactyl cause i'm on the Triceratops!

My raps are as vicious as a Tyrannosaurus Rex

While yours was just the mysteries of Egypt of Imax

Not to mention when it comes to our latest discoveries

That in comparrison to our raps, you'll always be below me

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