King Kong VS Godzilla YT Cover
King Kong VS Godzilla

King Kong VS Godzilla

King Kong VS Godzilla
Cover King Kong vs Godzilla
Battle information
Release date August 5th, 2015
Number 22
Views 107
Length 1:38
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The 22nd Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Godzilla and King Kong to see who is the deadlier Kaiju Monster.

The BattleEdit

King Kong:

My fist will be ready for a devasting ground pound

Cause I heard that Old Godzilla was hopping around

I'll leave you scrapped like your film against The Dark Knight

Not even your pathetic son can beat my son in a fight!

While I got Peter Jackson working on my flick,

Your movie smells like Fish and Roland Emmerich!

You'll sweat more than the suit worn by Nakajima

Since 1933, I remain a giant in cinema

(King Kong breaks in a window to grab Ann Darrow)

Ann Darrow:



You break through windows to get that Tohoe!

I'll be speading radiation just like Chenobyl!

Where did you get to rap anyways? From your crappy muscial?

Because I'll use my atomic breath to burn down Universal

I face Mecha Godzilla, Mothra, Ghidorah, Rodan

Space Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Biollante, and Gigan!

I scare people with a leather glove dragged down by the bass

While you're on top of New York being shot by the planes

King Kong:

It wasn't the planes, It was Beauty that killed me!

This battle will end like our 60s movie

Rather face Gamera or The Beast from 20,000 Fanthoms

Cause at least they don't have kicks so comically random!

Monster Island is nothing compared to Skull Island

I think you should head back and then start flying

Head to Charles Barkley that way you can stay in shape

Cause prepare for the uprising of The Planet of The Apes!


Excuse me, but were you on The Walk of Fame?

Oh yeah, they choose me cause everyone thought you were lame!

You say it's like our movie, but you are dead wrong

You'll lose this battle like your lawsuit against Donkey Kong

While I face all kinds of Avenging Superhumans

You were locked up in chains just by regular humans

Climb the Empire State Building, but this won't last longer

You maybe King Kong, But I'm the king of the monsters!




  • The Beat used in this battle is called $keleton3- Dubstep Rap Beat and can be found here