L Ron Hubbard VS HP Lovecraft

L. Ron Hubbard VS HP Lovecraft

L. Ron Hubbard VS HP Lovecraft
Cover L Ron Hubbard vs HP Lovecraft
Battle information
Release date October 16th, 2016
Number 50
Views 75
Length 5:04
Previous Spider-Man VS Harry Potter
Next Captain Falcon VS Saitama (Bonus DRB)
Rappers L Ron Hubbard short picXenu short picHP Lovecraft short picCthulhu short pic

The 50th battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features L. Ron Hubbard and HP Lovecraft along with their creations being Xenu and Cthulhu to see who is the better Sci Fi Cult Leader.

The BattleEdit

L. Ron Hubbard:

Just came back with the results, Tone Scale says you're a Total Failure

Your Past Life Memories in constant pain, but luckily you’re with a savior

I’m bigger than The Beatles and more of a Rap God than Slim Shady

And I’ll be serving you harder than my Commodore Messaging Ladies

I’d pull an Operation Snow White to check your Cthulhu Mythos roster

Your creatures aren’t frightening I’ve seen scarier things in Creepypastas

Street Cred from Travolta to Tom Cruise, The L. Ron Hubbard Way is on a roll

So forget Arkham, Watch me send this Scarecrow straight into The Hole

HP Lovecraft:

Take in the atmosphere, a cold sweat - chilling fear?

This jury-rigged brigadier has realized he’s no god here

I recall a forgotten age of which I shall Re-Animate

A self-helper’s help played into a dark farce on a page?

One couldn’t call this situation even on your medication

Without preying on the degradation of a fallen, broken nation

But the Dark One comes… his Call… it has rung…

Off the bets, I’ve won… now run, run like your son…

L. Ron Hubbard:

ARRRGH! If I Were You, I’d be ashamed of my previous genetics

This HP prints off 5 buck issues while I get 20 million on Dianetics

For i’m building up a Metropolis as I build attention from Anonymous

As I conquer your Necropolis because no way that you’ll be topping this!

I fought an Octopus in the Science of Survival so quite honestly

I’ll take this fight like Nightgaunts did to your dream of Astronomy

Better drop dead from my Excalibur when you’re facing off my wrath

Cause how can readers be satisfied when you don’t even Love your Crafts

HP Lovecraft:

This junior Joseph Smith seeks an advance to the abyss?

Forthwith, a sick diss from the twist whisperer in the darkness

And your mecraftian creature is hardly a thrill leader

I instilled gripping fear in readers that couldn’t be read on E-Meters

If Battlefield’s reviews weren’t savage, how about your David Miscarriage

After your Mary Sue marriage she went butt monkey from the damage

I’ve seen Psychos from Bloch-heads diluted less than Dianetics was.

Looks like Lafayette was Fair Game for the Shadow over Innsmouth.

L. Ron Hubbard:

Grrrr they’ll be no Necronomicon to bring you back when this fight is done

Tables are turned when Your Mama is bringing the disses on her own son

So while I’m cruising up to helpout Haiti with my whole crew in the Apollo

I heard you’re Xenu-Phobic, well prepare to meet a galactic OG so hollow!


It’s time HP gets schooled for once, call me Miskatonic University

For The Galactic Force had ruled the galaxy, and we’re not talking Palpatine

For i’m dropping H-Bombs in Volcanoes while i’m fly as a Douglas DC-8

The True Horror at Red Hook here was giving your fans some race hate

I’m the oldest and strongest kind of fear to which is that of the unknown

Scare off The Terrible Old Man straight unto he reaches his tombstone

You’re in the Deep Sea Org now Howard as I’ll give you a lecture

Then I’ll force you to watch our 3D super colossal motion picture

This may be Lurking Fear to ya, but you really shouldn’t be hating

Instead you should think more Clear when i’m Operating Thetan

Call me Robert E. Lee, because when you try to step up to me

I’ll take out your Wierd N'wild Creatures, so bow to this Galactic Confederacy

H.P. Lovecraft:

This micro magnate Magnus is at the Mountains of Madness

Beastly being so hapless, I've chilled more from Cats, yes

Don't you feel it in the air? Here comes Yog-Sothoth's heir!

We're beyond standards of care! Mglw'nafh

Cthulhu Cultist:

Cthulhu R'l-YEAH

(Cthulhu rises as the past DRB characters watch even L Ron sees it from his Apollo)

Cthulhu (0:31 - ):


The Greater Evil in the US and tentacles to get Japan Hyped

You conquered some planets but what’s that does mean to me though

Because for all I see is a mixed hybrid between a Sleestak and Greedo

Call me a Weird Tale all you like but that would’ve had you simply mistaken

For HP and I rock the mic so hard, that we inspire Metallica and Iron Maiden

For when The Call of Cthulhu is heard, the world would than become brutal

Hell, I’m so feared by puny humans that NASA gave me a spot on Pluto

I Spit Fire like Cthugha as I’m Kraken out a bigger bang than Azathoth

To which i’d rather face off Godzilla, Zalgo, or even a Mi-Go from Yuggoth

You’re in a Deep One L. Ron, I’ll get Dagon on your ships to end your fun

Let The Elder Ones know that like DRB’s Season 4, this puny planet’s done!


Wait Wha-

(Cthulhu causes chaos and destroys the city)


  • The First beat used in this battle is called "The Return" Epic Inspiring Cinematic Piano Choir Beat and can be found here
    • The Xenu beat used in this battle is called ILLUMINATI RAP BEAT 2013 and can be found here
    • The Cthulu beat used in this battle is called Dark Aggressive Epic Choir Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2015 - FIFTY VINC and can be found here
  • HP Lovecraft is voiced by Iamthelegion
  • Cthulhu Cultist is voiced by Zack Maloney
  • Cthulhu is voiced by Stofferex

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