Willy Wonka VS Milton Hershey YT Cover
Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka - Dragon Rap Battles 55

Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka - Dragon Rap Battles 55

Milton Hershey VS Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka VS Milton Hershey Cover
Battle information
Release date March 2nd, 2017
Number 55
Views 168
Length 2:29
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The 55th battle of Dragon Rap Battles features Milton Hershey and Willy Wonka to see who is the better chocolate maker.

The BattleEdit


It’s time for The Candy Man to show Willy Wonka where to stick it!

Cause i’m storming in his factory even without my Golden Ticket

No More Mr. Goodbar Here, for my raps will be retaining ya

Ruling Hotels to Theme Parks in the small town of Pennsylvania

Though I admire the idea of your Chocolate Waterfall Runnel

You fucked it all up when you created that psychedelic tunnel

In Fact, most your traps affect the kids to conditions of extreme

While I left school and became a candy maker at the age of 14!


Oh You Left School and became Big? that must be sooo original

You’re no better than the other kids who learned not to be cynical

Learned from Huyler’s yet your business in New York didn’t hold

I’ll have your Cadbury Eggs creamed as mine are solid gold

You had plans for Veggie Ice Cream and more ideas that were dumb

I bet even Violet Beauregarde wouldn’t wanna chew on your gum

I have Pure Imagination when it comes to making sweet candy

While your products make me laugh harder than my taffy


Listen here you little runt, I made the candy business gianantic

Unstoppable, not the stock crash, nor protests, or even The Titanic

As all you want to do is fill in your Fun Dip in Charlie’s Bucket

But I’ll help school these orphans out to stay away from your ruckus

You’re a Purple Riddler with orange little men who riddle me dumb shit

As The Chocolate King is dropping bars like it's scrumdiddlyumptious

although i’m rich, I live nearby the town and even work with my employees

I suggest you get out of your factory and maybe spend some dough on charity!


I bring joy to children while you on the other hand, can’t make something decent

With products so bland that you had to go after some of Reese's Pieces

Even you should know that Hershey Chocolates are a fad, but Wonka's is a Permanent Thing

I suggest now you Take 5 steps back when Willy Wonka’s in the ring

Because I heard when it came to kisses to Kitty, it couldn’t be milder

While my character has Deppth, Genes couldn’t get any more Wilder

I’m an Xploding Candy Making Machine, while you are just an amateur




Michael Rosen:



Oh shit I forgot about keeping these guy out of this battle

(Chocolate Fish and Rosen eats all the chocolates as Dragon cries)


  • The beat used in this battle is called my very own willy wonka rap beat and can be found here
  • The instrumental at the end was Why Can't We Be Friends by War.
  • Dragon considered having The M&Ms 3rd party but it was after Shovel recorded and the writing was posted on Deviantart that made him decide against it as it was too late to add them.