Moctezuma vs Sitting Bull YT Cover
Moctezuma VS Sitting Bull

Moctezuma VS Sitting Bull

Moctezuma VS Sitting Bull
Cover Moctezuma vs Sitting Bull
Battle information
Release date September 14th, 2015
Number 25
Views 95
Length 2:35
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The 25th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Moctezuma and Sitting Bull to see who is the better warrior leader that sadly lost their land to the white man.

The BattleEdit

Sitting Bull:

While this rap battle has started to began

I ask for peace like the Lakota to the Chyenne

But if you decline the offer that I spoke softly

I'll shoot down your raps like my name was Annie Oakley

I'll make you feel big empty, you stone temple pilot

Ask Custard if you want to see some Native Violence

I'm bright and powerful! So just call me Wi!

What's your alpacas got against my buffalo stampede?

You fall second to me like the first Moctezuma

Fall at the red end like my man, Inkapatuda

The worst thing that ever came from your peacock hat

Is that you rip out hearts more than Mortal Kombat!


Alright Nightwolf, Moctezuma has the solution

To make my disses make you cry worse than pollution!

Your people got rich within all these casinos 

While we Aztecs were left with nothing though!

I recommend you don't upset this Jaguar Warrior

Or else I'll send you to the Mictlan to see things more gorior!

Your verse was as bad as your 50's flick!

Compared to small pox from the raps which I spit sick!

I fought hard and led my people to the action

While you surrendered and became a tourist attraction!

I got Eagle Warrios to make you all flustered 

When it comes to warfare, I make you look like General Custer!

The Aztec empire shall dominate this individual!

Cause we make this ghost dance more than just a ritual!

Sitting Bull:

The only dance I preform would be the wolf dance

Cause this warrior is better than a king with no pants!

My raps are hot as the sun, but the flow of the stream

Winning this battle is easy as I capture this dream

To be frank though, I wouldn't be entirely lying

If I told you that your civilization has stolen from the Mayans!

This is where the Hunkpapa tribe is against the Aztecs

And I'll end your raps so just call me Cortez!


That last verse was more rushed than the gold to the Black Hills!

If I wanted to be entertained, I'd rather see just Buffalo Bill!

You tried to escape once but the police were everywhere!

And when it comes to bullets, you couldn't Catch the Bear!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Native Americans - ethnic hip-hop beat - by Kiroyakushi and can be found here