Mother Nature
Mother Nature
Character information
Full name Mother Nature
First appearance 1266 A.D.
Physical description
Hair Green
Eyes Green
Rap battle information
Appeared in Ash VS Noah
Vs Ash Ketchum
Charles Darwin
Audrey II
Release date May 13th, 2016

Mother Nature is a character that went up against Ash Ketchum, Noah, Charles Darwin, Mewtwo, Napoleon, and Audrey II in Ash VS Noah.

Info About The RapperEdit

Mother Nature is the personification of nature itself.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It seems this slightly better of the Happening is in need of a savior

for when this Mother's on the mic, I'll truly be in inside her nature

created a whole inspiration to creators from Thoreau to Rembrandt

as I begin to clear you all starting with the blood thirsty Piranha Plant

For it was shocking that Rick Moranis actually defeated this artichoke

So I doubt this venus fly trap could even handle the killer tomatoes

as for this soviet sausage who seems to suffer from his own complex

he was better off as becoming bacon for Mr. Jones' Breakfast

While Mewtwo Returns for a fight but he won't go far though

cause Team Rocket should've used Ditto over this purple Bizarro

I'm blowing Charles Darwin away along with his little finch flock

as this tornado flows them all the way back to their little rock

Give another flood to Noah just to see if his ship still floats

cause if not, I guess the one in Turkey will no longer be a hoax

As Ash contains a femine voice but still acts like he's tough

but his raps just put me too sleep like it was a Jigglypuff

I've had enough with this battle, so after serving all these Muks

I'll leave them with Father Time Because...

Father Time:


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