Nosferatu photoshopped
Character information
Full name Count Orlok
Nickname(s) Nosferatu
First appearance March 4th 1922
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters
Vs The Vampire Hunters
Release date July 16th, 2015

Noseferatu was one of the characters who was a part of The Vampires who went up against The Vampire Hunters in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters. He went up against Van Helsing

Info about the rapperEdit

Nosferatu is a vampire from the 1922 German Expressionism movie, Nosferatu. He is a rich man in Transylvania and buys a house in Winsburg, Germany that is right across Thomas Hutter, the main character of the series. Nosferatu carries his coffin that must contain some of the earth he sleeps in. He eventually gets there as a coffin in The Empusa but eventually kills the entire crew. Nosferatu contains many abilities including strength, telekinesis, shadow powers, Mind Control (used on Hutter's employer, Knock), and invisibility. He was gonna kill Ellen Hutter, Thomas' wife, until morning struck and turned him to ash.


Verse 1:

When it comes to rap battles, you need some enlightening

From a shadowpuppet master who makes a staircase frightening

Getting millions of phrase from my German Expressionism,

While your Hugh Jackman movie has mixed criticism

So go back to teaching about Fly Traps and Polyp creatures

Cause I got Telekinesis and Invisibility features!

Single Handedly killed the entire crew of The Empusa

While I laid in state in a coffin made of balsa.