Ponce De Leon VS Sun Wukong YT Cover
Ponce De León VS Sun Wukong02:08

Ponce De León VS Sun Wukong

Ponce De León VS Sun Wukong
Cover Ponce de Leon vs Sun Wu Kong
Battle information
Release date April 8th, 2016
Number 40
Views 24
Length 2:07
Previous Alexander Fleming VS Louis Pasteur
Next Al Gore VS The Planeteers
Rappers Ponce De Leon short picSun Wukong short pic

The 40th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Ponce De León against Sun Wukong to see who is the better explorer for immortality.

The BattleEdit

Sun Wukong:

AWWW YEAH MY PINK ASS, can we just get it started?

If it wasn’t for Stranger Tides, your name would’ve been left uncharted!

I’m immortal motherfucker! Plus like, a trillion crunches with that mountain,

Are you astounded? Well open your mouth fartbag, this god’s pissing the Fountain!

I don’t get our connection, you’re a loser with diseases in his Colon

While the Divine State is my bottom bitch! I mean like, COME ON

The Monk is among us all, but there can only be one me!

But hey dude, don’t worry, you look just like Pigsy!

Ponce De León:

It seems that this primitive Loki really needs to learn some manners

maybe when I get back to The New World, I'll return to you a banana

and speaking of hoggish friend, tell him a rake for a weapon is just silly

as this pink sack of Lust fights with a mixture of Bebop and Miss Piggy

My journies contained God, Gold, Glory, and my sick flows to get iller

While it took 100 chapters for your journey, better call it "Fucking Filler"

while my adaption clone grows high as your adaption films become low

cause I've seen better Asians legends like the almighty

Segata Sanshiro:


Sun Wukong:

Segata got nuked, aka I took a holy shit on him

You’re throwing rhymes more useless than your motherfucking kin!

You can’t carry an expedition dude I’m carried the universe


He’s gonna roast you like man


Dinner’s been served!

Sun Wukong:

You don’t want this dick man, he’s weathered with infection,

He can never be the victor, like he never could be a Mexican!

You coulda been an awesome motherfuckin’ explorer like me!

But then you had ta bow down, took an arrow to the knee!

Ponce De León:

I'm hotter than any furnace so this Kung Fu Zoboomafoo should run in fear

but now my disses will leave him trapped for another five hundred years

You can go 108,000 li in one summersault, that's just extreme gymnastics

cause no matter what transformations you take, you have a lack of statics

take out your monk, roast your pig, and drown out your sandman in a brawl

while you watch your subjects die right in front of you behind that royal waterfall

While I chill with Columbus in Florida from all the gold that would make us rich

You were watching horses and guarding peaches, making you a Chinese God's bitch


  • The beat used in this battle is called Beautiful Chinese Rap Instrumental *Inner Spirit* Hip-Hop Beat *SOLD* and can be found here
  • This battle was guested by GravityMan

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