Qin Shi Huang VS Ronald Reagan YT Cover
Qin Shi Huang VS Ronald Reagan02:11

Qin Shi Huang VS Ronald Reagan

Qin Shi Huang VS Ronald Reagan
Cover Qin Shi Huang vs Ronald Reagan
Battle information
Release date August 20th, 2016
Number 48
Views 31
Length 2:10
Previous Vlad The Impaler VS Ozzy Osbourne
Next Spider-Man VS Harry Potter
Rappers Qin Shi Huang short picRonald Reagan short pic

The 48th battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features Qin Shi Huang and Ronald Reagan to see who is the better leader between building a wall or destorying a wall.

The BattleEdit

Qin Shi Huang:

When it comes to challenging one's dynasty so ancient

In a Time for Choosing, The US sent out the entertainment

As you step from America straight unto the Chinese land

I'll burn you in this rap and the book in your Own Hand

You may have torn one wall but as people tore and clean up

Decades Later, The Donald used those minerals to build another up

Think your Drug War PSAs are going to harm me

I take Mercury Pill anyways and still protected by an army

Ronald Reagan:

It's Morning Again in America but Bedtime for Bonzo

Bring back Star Wars to beam out this Palpatine, Pronto

Goverment's First Duty is to protect the people, not run their lives

especially on Family values with 50 kids yet no housewives

Have you lost like The Elixer of Life, so you better set sail

or else I'll make your winnings lower than the votes for Mondale

For a leader to represent the people, you lack the qualifications

I may have dodged the bullet once, but you had 3 assassinations

Qin Shi Huang:

I'll admit, I have been through some crazy ambushes

but I bring a 7th wonder, you only brought the George Bushes

As an Emperor rises influenced by the words of Han Fei

I'll beat you like Alzheimer's to your Death Valley Days

So unlike Mikhail Gorbachev, there's no way we'll be pals

Once I drown out your raps thanks to my Linqu Canal

So go ahead and eat those Jelly Beans like an American Tom Baker

cause I'll be building a Great Wall, that'll last a thousand acres

Ronald Reagan:

You just hide in that wall as I prevent wars from going Atomic

I'll inflate your raps out til you popped, call it Reaganomics

I've got shocking rhymes, because my flow's General Electric

while it doesn't take a Scholar to know you're a complete dick

You forced millions of people to work but it didn't last long

since in the end your hardwork was conquered by Genghis Khan

Now read that Yellow River Meteor because that Prophecy recalled

"The First Emperor will die as Ronald Reagan will tear down this wall"


  • The beat used in this battle is called The Samurai - Amazing Ethnic Hip Hop Beat and can be found here
  • Qin Shi Huang in this battle was voiced by Shovel Night
  • This was the last battle written physically by Dragon as he would move on to Google Docs.

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