Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald YT Cover
Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald - Dragon Rap Battles 52-002:36

Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald - Dragon Rap Battles 52-0

Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald
Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald Cover
Battle information
Release date January 20th, 2017
Number 52
Views 126
Length 2:35
Previous Rorschach VS L (Season 5 Premiere)
Next Snow White VS Ramona Flowers
Rappers Ronald McDonald short picRichard Simmons short pic

The 52nd battle of Dragon Rap Battles features Richard Simmons and Ronald McDonald to see who is the better Energetic Red Heads of Healthy VS Unhealthy.

The BattleEdit


Hi! Welcome to Mcdonalds! The True Fast Food Power

Where we’ll be happy to serve you as we’re open 24 hours

You may be heated with excitement but let me give you a douse

You bravely came out of the closet, but can’t escape your own house

Just like the VHS itself, your exercise shows are on their demise

While I, since the 40s, rep a billion dollar global franchise

For I Got the hoes on my bench sliding down to my ball pit

Since i’m so dope, parents pay me to put my meat in their kids



Here to Party Off The Quarterpounders from Fast Food’s Krinkles The Clown

No Ifs Ands or Butts Ronald, for your company has a lot of things to hide

As I turn your raps to Pink Slime like your process of Ammonium Hydroxide

That’s right, I know all about your secrets and your corporation’s quirks

Even Kroc swiping the McDonald Brothers idea in Fast Food’s Social Network

Even on the holidays, you want to snatch up some little girls and boys

Making them end up like Grimace and what for? Some Cheap Plastic Toys?


So you want to send me a complain then, well I ain't gonna lie

I knew you would bash Mcdonald's since you're always on Five Guys

You’re a Dream Maker who failed to become an entertainer

Not to mention I’d rather do “rounds” with The Wii Fit Trainer


You already sexed up The Hamburglar but my opinion

That look was worse than the idea of turning Happy Meals to Minions

So Shamrock Shake that weight because you better keep up the pace

Because my rhymes are gonna be hotter than your coffee court case


But I’ve seen colder flow come from Needles Kane’s Sweet Tooth

As when i’m all out of my nuggets, people are known to let loose

So forget NBC, cause in the end The Biggest Loser is you

Now Let’s Send In The Clowns for victory! RAN RAN RUUU!


Instead of shouting let's meditate to see what’s into ya

As I see no beef in ya, even outside your place in India

But even a Slim Suit can lose more weight than what you’re makin’

You aren’t even the best in business, since The Burger King’s already taken


Why don’t you Take a Hike Simmons, maybe you could jump some hurdles

As you watch my Macy’s Day Parade Balloon top your tiny little turtle

You’re getting on my nerves there Milton, you wouldn’t make me want to frown

Or else you’ll be Trapped in The Drive Thru with Horny The Clown

But even in my Wacky Cartoon Form, I could leave you so touse

As I take the money from your tapes and put them in my donation house

Thinking you were always skinny in dolphin shorts and tanktops would be wrong

Since you too were obese once through a cameo in Fellini Satyricon


Well then I opened The Anatomy Asylum as Fitness would become my plan

While McDonalds tried to make some weird sexier female version of you in Japan

Don’t try to Super Size Me buddy! Now I don’t mean to be so blunt

But i’ve got more emotional for burgers from a song by Mr. Lunt

Because your costume for Scott is cheaper than a check for your employees

It’s no wonder why you play Hide and Seek with the Killer Klowns of 2016

Fry you like a Fillet-O-Fish as people nowadays are trying to be more fit

Now how do I feel about kicking this clown’s Golden Arches? I’m Lovin' It!


  • The beat used in this battle is called Banging Summer-Style Hip'Hop Instrumental (Fast Rap Beat) and can be found here
  • This is Shovel Night's second battle where he portrayed someone, the first was Qin Shi Huang
    • Ironically, Shovel as Qin was against a Ronald (Ronald Reagan) where as in the next battle, he plays a Ronald (Ronald McDonald)

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