Rod Serling
Rod Serling
Character information
Birth name Rodman Edward Serling
Born December 25th 1924
Died June 28th 1975 (Age 50)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Rod Serling VS The Crypt Keeper
Vs The Crypt Keeper
Release date October 31st, 2015

Rod Serling is a character that went up against The Crypt Keeper in Rod Serling VS The Crypt Keeper. He was written and played by Iamthelegion.

Info About The RapperEdit

Rod Serling (December 25th 1924 - June 28th 1975) was an writer and producer that worked on many memorable series. One of them being The Twilight Zone which became a very popular horror/sci fi show through the 60s where Rod Serling would host.

He would also go on to host his 70s show, The Night Gallery however, Rod's shows would have deep messages on a variety of issues such as Racism, War, and Censorship. Rod would not only just produce shows, he would produce films such as Planet of the Apes and a radio drama called The Zero Hour.

Rod died from a heart attack after his many years of smoking. Rod Serling is known to be one of the greatest writers in the history of television.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

You've stepped through the Scary Door, in this dimension a rap battle takes place

Between Night Gallery's watchman, and a skeletal monstrosity lacking refined taste

Your narrative skills are a disgrace, no wonder you were abandoned in a crypt

Be wary, it's the Twilight of this Zoned out Beetlejuice and Crazy Harry mix

Rise over this ape, send him packing to his bisected dad and his mummy mommy

Give you a real Nightmare as a Child, next to me you're infantile, you Dummy

Submitted for your approval, a misfit muppet soon Silenced and already damned

With the darker, doper flow, you could say Rod Serling left you Crypt Jammed.

Verse 2:

Prepare for consequences, caning from a Rod dealt for the Creepshow abortion

Let's introduce the segment where bones break for positive visual distortion

Mess with Serling's sterling? Unfurling, leave you burning and say It's a Good Life

Leave you alone in a shallow grave as I have a lovely night with my lovely wife.

Picture, if you will, a dimension where your toons and games cease to be lame

Perhaps Gaine a sense of class, and you could hope to Gein a portion of my fame

You face your Execution, getting kicked off your throne as you're stuck in my grip

Now, my dear fellow, I suggest you leave, dragging your Tail from the Crypt.

Scrapped Lyrics:

Verse 1:

You're traveling through a new dimension, where you see a rap battle take place

Between a man with class, against Uncle Grizlly with a show with absolute no taste

Your face is a disgrace, nobody wants to see the stories of this skeletical dick

Not to mention you look exactly like Beetlejuice and Crazy Harry had a kid

This damn dirty ape better run back to his two-faced father and mummy

By how ugly they are, they really gave Nightmares as a child to this Dummy

Submitted for your approval, you're a a muppet 'bout to be Silenced and damned

With this dark dope flow, you can say Serling got yourself Crypt Jammed!

Verse 2:

When Serling let himself loose, he'll leave Creepshow Creep with no use

I'll introduce the segment when I'll broke your bones and leave you abused

So sublime, have classic rhymes and lines that'll leave this fossil in a Gallery

Talkin' shit about my salary? Who would even want to pay this calamity!

Picture, if you will, the chances for your toons and games to be less lame

Maybe then you'll Gain some respect, and actually have a bigger fame!

Remain enslaved in your cave! Once you'll be Executed, you'll be dethroned

Cause this what happens when poor posers step foot into the Twilight Zone!


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