Rorschach VS L YT Cover
Rorschach VS L - Dragon Rap Battles 5104:59

Rorschach VS L - Dragon Rap Battles 51

Rorschach VS L
Rorschach VS L Cover
Battle information
Release date January 6th, 2017
Number 51
Views 71
Length 4:58
Previous Captain Falcon VS Saitama (Bonus DRB)
Next Richard Simmons VS Ronald McDonald
Rappers Rorschach short picL short picInspector Gadget short picSam Spade short picOzymandias short picNear short pic

The 51st battle of Dragon Rap Battles and the spiritual successor of Maximilien Robespierre VS Light Yagami Features L and Rorschach to see who is the better detectives that see the world in black and white with one clear aim, they both use unusual methods to solve the crimes they face, both have been heavily associated with the police for negative and positive reasons until L dies as other detectives come along such as Inspector Gadget and Sam Spade til they also die. Then Ozymandias shows up as the mastermind behind everything until stopped by Near.

The BattleEdit


Rorschach Journal: The Year is 2017

I’m going up against a detective with the looks of an emo teen

From what I speculate, your Netflix film will fail and that’s for certain

Cause once you go black, you rip the style off from Resident Evil’s Mechant

Just the idea that you thinking you’re as skilled as this bohemian

Makes Blake out of the job, since you’re the real Comedian

For this time, there’ll be no fake outs, so give Lind L. Taylor my regards

Some say that L may stand Loser, but I think you should change it to R, for Retard!


Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? No wonder why she hits you

And in a minute man, there will some Hooded Justice set upon you

For you’re taking the law in your hands, breaking up the Keene Act

So it looks like after this, I’ll soon have to turn you in Rorschach

You may look down upon the city, I however, Change The WorLd

So let the professional move along and give this case a whirl

Why don’t you fetch some cake and feed it to the greatest

Cause there’s no doubt the murderer here is…

(Head Explodes)


Hm, this case just got more interesting as now this detective’s dead

His head split open faster than a clever to a canine’s head

But this isn’t normal, the death had to come from some sort of magic

My inspection now must come further as i’m in need for my gadgets


Oh I believe this case has the best gadgets out there…

Inspector Gadget:

Inspector Gadget on the case, and not the one with Broderick

Wowzers! What a body, but it’s getting me a little sick

No matter though, I got it in the bag, no need for a Penny wage

Since it’s no Question, this guy over here ripped of Vic Sage

I hang out with Mario, you just keep bugging Niteowl

Who stole from Batman from the airship, to his costumes, to his lair, to the cowl

What’s this now, it’s a message, and here is what it conducts

“I knew you’d come in a few seconds ago as this message will self de-”

(Inspector Gadget’s chest blows out)


Hm, it seems that this Whitewashed Cyborg has combust

Laying down on the ground with his metallic body left to rust

These murders can’t be a coincidence, and no way that i’m wrong

In the feeling that after these two, and third detective will come along

Sam Spade:

And right you are, but I have no need for your conspiracy aid

Since I doubt the murderer has any grudge for A Man Called Spade

You became Jailbait and your friends had to get you out of that mess

Since you're unwanted like your mask which was a horrible dress

Like Kasper, I have the guts man so battling you won't be hard

and unlike Dixon Hill, I won't be replaced by Jean-Luc Picard

I got more value than The Maltese Falcon when I prove my defiance

And the murderer of this case here, is wait is that a loose Li-

(Lion Mauls Spade)


Hm, with that deadly beast attack, I brought myself up a question

Is these three murders coincident? WAIT I FIGURED OUT THE CONNECTION

Blown Brains, Hearts Drains, and a courageous lion must be the cause

Of a clever hint that all ties into a bigger lead to the great and powerful Oz

(Rorschach takes a long journey to Ozy’s Base but was expected)


you deducted well although you were pretty slow

For my plan had already came to action 35 minutes ago

For I discovered this Death Note at the end of a certain rap’s prime

I made for certain like a beastly squid, I’ll use this to end all crime

Then I killed off some detectives to hint you about my new rise

And now that you know to much, I believe I’ll write in your demise

Now why you, well it’s simple, unlike them, you’re a conspiracy noob

Only to be hit by my Sweet Chariot, and we’re not talking sugar cubes

You’d be crazy to think I wouldn’t give you a smackdown for a 2nd time

Cause i’m chillin’ in an Arctic Base, hence my increased cold rhymes

So now death shall lay upon you Walter, i’m afraid it’s too late

Now watch the world once again be saved by this Alexander The Great

(Nothing Happens)




Don’t look at me, i’m just the announcer

(Static is on the Screen and then a Certain Theme Begins to Play)


You’re suppose to be the smartest man, yet you don’t know that I snuck in while you were rapping and switch The Death Note with a fake


He’s got you there




You may think that you succeeded, but did not end well

For you see i’m the superior, the successor of L

After his brief demise, I figured it was you no doubt

As you watched this trenchcoat hack take longer to figure it out (Rorschach: HEY!)

Oh get back to your can of beans as this man’s plans are gone

For you see, I’ve linked this to The FBI, The CIA, and the blue man, Jon

I played you out like my toys and rolled you along like dice

You should’ve stay retired that way you can sell your merchandise

As I’ll leave you to pieces as if you were a statue

Because this time, Bubastis isn’t coming to rescue

There won’t be a DC Rebirth this time to get you outta here

You’re a loser Adrian, because The End Is Near


  • This is the second sequel in a DRB, the first was Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman 2
    • This is however, the first battle to be a spiritual successor though
  • Professor Layton was strongly considered to be in this, even already having a set beat and a speaking cameo from Luke, but was replaced by Inspector Gadget to fit more into the story
    • Scruff McGruff was also considered to be in this, but was replaced by Sam Spade to represent old style detective films
  • The First beat used in this battle is called "Losing My Mind"-Frantic Dark Piano Beat and can be found here
    • The Inspector Gadget beat used in this battle is called Funky/Robotic Rap Beat (prod. by MrNiKVuk) and can be found here
    • The Sam Spade beat used in this battle is called "Windshield" Dark Jazz Rap Beat [Prod. By Silence] and can be found here
    • The Ozymandias beat used in this battle is called Hard rap Watchmen hip-hop beat Sample {Instrumental} Noodles Productions and can be found here
    • The Near beat used in this battle is called Death Note Near's Theme (Hip Hop Remix) and can be found here

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