Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick
Character information
Birth name Saint Patrick
Born Unkown
Died March 17th (5th Century)
Physical description
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Saint Patrick VS Saint Valentine
Vs Saint Valentine
Release date February 13th, 2016

Saint Patrcik is a character that went up against Saint Valentine in Saint Patrick VS Saint Valentine.

Info About The RapperEdit

Saint Patrick is a saint who roamed around in Ireland known the myth of moving the snakes out of Ireland. Saint Patrick was given a holiday in March known as Saint Patrick's Day.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Hold on, Is this the Roman Friar Lawrence that i'm talking to?

Cause according to Historians, there was like three of you

Cause I'll send snakes like you straight into the ocean

since your day gives some people Forever Alone emotions

I may be forgiving, but my raps are crueler than Claudius

and no roses or boxes of chocolates can persuade the audience

I got my hommies from Horror Films to a part of a complete Breakfast

While you have winged kids in diapers, which shows a Pedophilia menace

Verse 2:

That last verse was dragged more than you at The Prefect of Rome

til you were beaten by clubs and beheaded where you bleed in stone

I mean your raps are as corny as your holiday cards

while you were hitting on the daughter of the prison guard

Because when I make a scene, I'll be sure to go green

Even making my walking stick turn back into a tree

I'm remembered, while you're forgotten replaced by hearted product lines

Cause even on your own holiday, nobody wanted to be your valentine!

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