Saint Valentine
Saint Valentine
Character information
Birth name Saint Valentine of Terni
Born 176
Died February 14th 273
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Saint Patrick VS Saint Valentine
Vs Saint Patrick
Release date February 13th, 2016

Saint Valentine is a character that went up against Saint Patrick in Saint Patrick VS Saint Valentine.

Info About The RapperEdit

Saint Valentine (176 - February 14th 273) was a roman saint who during his lifetime lived under the rule of Claudius The Cruel who banned marriage however Valentine secretly married young couples until he was caught and put in prison where then he converted Romans into being Christians, to which afterwards his body was dragged in The Prefect of Rome where he was then beaten by clubs and was beheaded. He was then given a holiday in honor known as Saint Valentine's Day which is a day of love.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It's the god of love against a reptilian pied piper of Hamelin

This Ill Irish is gonna get capped by this Saint's Love-astatin

My holiday gets people to be with loved ones from the chicks to the hunks

while your holiday gets people into the bar to get extremely drunk

Even when kidnapped by Pirates, you weren't ever missed

because when it comes to Patricks, we all prefer the stafish

I may not be Cupid, but Arrows of Love fire when I spit

But what else can I say, you're going Downpatrick

Verse 2:

That's It! Unlike Necco, i'm no longer a Sweetheart!

Making bigger sales than you from Kohl's to Walmart

Shake this shamrock better than any McDonalds brand

Cause the most known Irish dude isn't even from Ireland

Even in Prison, my mission's given religion of a Christian

While your master remains hidden with the risen of an Ignition

After this battle, it seems this pope has ran out of luck

At the end of this rainbow, you still remained strucked

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