Dali VS Escher YT Cover
Salvador Dalí VS M.C02:10

Salvador Dalí VS M.C. Escher

Salvador Dalí VS M.C. Escher
Cover Salvador Dali vs MC Escher
Battle information
Release date November 6th, 2015
Number 29
Views 100
Length 2:09
Previous Rod Serling VS The Crypt Keeper
Next Hugh Hefner VS Casanova
Rappers Salvador Dali short picMC Escher short picBanksy short pic

The 29th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Salvador Dalí and M.C. Escher to see who is the better surreal artist, however Banksy comes in to rap against both of them and Salvador and Escher team up against Banksy.

The BattleEdit

Salvador Dalí:

Let's start off this painting with Apparatus and Hand

I'll ponce you like my ocelot and walk my anteater in France

Your Drawing Hands can only create 50 shades of grey

Why bother rapping when you couldn't even pass the 2nd grade

My Persistantace of Memory shall be in your Disinteregration

Cause this Logician Devil couldn't even handle my creation

Even my facial hair can do better than this bearded creator

I'll be hanging with your wife, while you're The Great Masturbator

M.C. Escher:

You better flee this battle like World War II did to you in Spain

Cause you're battling someone with an MC in their name

You broke the final straw when you gave your mother's potrait a diss

Now kicked out by your father, you live in a cabin full of fish

While you're Tuna Fishing, I climb the stairs of Relativity

Leaving you Spellbound, hidden in a tree, behind the Chimney

What's your elephants got against my reptiles and snakes

I doubt you can even handle the Gravitation that I create


It's time that these two met The Banksy Effect

Another World has arrived the battle to interject

You made simple art using some paint and pencils

While I dominate King Robbo using spray paint and stencils

Your art contains a Great Stink from the sewage you have dropped

You two should've gave up and Exit Through The Gift Shop

I took over The Bristol Museum; Editied it, hand to hand

No doubt these fools could ever comprehend my Dismaland

Salvador Dalí and M.C. Escher:

Wait til Walt hears this, he's gonna tear you apart

We'll team up against this hooded figure straight from Devianart

Gaze at our Waterfall from all the artists we have lead

While we're in shock you could even afford a Basket of Bread

Cause we're calling you out with my lobster telephone

Creating Geometric Lines to overheat your O-Zone

Ask Sigmund Freud if you should've mess with our rap Hysteria

Our hand with reflecting sphere shows we outrap your area


Don't mess with Dismaland yet cause you came unprepared

Our entertainment we'll have you say Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

My raps are Better Out Than In cause i'm just gonna give you the answer

that the fact i'll pass you both away just like it's Heart Cancer


  • The beat used in this battle is called [Hip Hop Beat] - Surreal 2 Music - Hard Piano [Dark Sick Rap Instrumental] and can be found here

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