Shovel Night
Shovel Night2
Actor information
Nickname(s) Pergatorial Ghost
YouTube Channel Shovel Night
Shovel Night Gaming
Appearance information
As Qin Shi Huang
Ronald McDonald

Shovel Night is a cast rapper at Dragon Rap Battles.

Info with the userEdit

Shovel Night is a user on ERB Wiki who creates Epic Rap Battles of Youtube, a blog-written rap series that's between creators on YouTube. he first met Dragon on ERB Wiki and would discover, Dragon Rap Battles. Shovel would later PM Dragon about wanting a part to which Dragon offered him the role of Qin Shi Huang to which Shovel was more than happy to accept. Shovel contains two channels, a gaming channel and a cartoon channel that debunks theories.


  • Dragon would guest in his series, Epic Rap Battles of Youtube, as Nice Peter and EpicLloyd in his ERB VS Death Battle.

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