Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman 2 YT Cover
Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman 201:53

Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman 2

Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman 2
Dragon 5
Battle information
Release date August 14, 2015
Number 23
Views 129
Length 1:52
Previous King Kong VS Godzilla
Next The Three Musketeers VS The Three Stooges
Rappers Steve Burns short picPee-Wee Herman short pic

The 23rd Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features the rematch of Pee-Wee Herman and Steve Burns to see who is the better kids show host, once and for all.

The BattleEdit

Steve Burns:


Pee-Wee Herman:

Haha! Ready for a rematch Steve?!

Steve Burns:

Oh you know I am Pee-Wee!

Pee-Wee Herman:

Hey Steve! I'm here and I'm ready for the sequel!

Cause my raps are a smash hit just like my musical

I gave Tim Burton vision beyond black and white

Just ask The Miz if you should anger The Pee in this fight!

They needed a female host so you fit the bill

But then you lost hair and a new host had to be fulfilled

You left and gave Joe, which wasn't acceptable

Cause we prefer the promo rival, Squidward Tentacles!

Steve Burns:

Hold on there Pee-Wee, mail time has come

We just got a letter, I wonder who it's from?

It's from your ex-fans who say that i'm more dope

Cause I didn't go to jail and drop the slippery soap

I hang with Ray Charles in this rap music meter

I suggest you retrace yourself to The Roxy Theater

You may Emmys, but I got the Peabody!

Compared to me, I say you're an absolute nobody!

Pee-Wee Herman:

I know you are but what am I? You Bald Wreck!

Your flow is as cheesy as your special effects!

My disses are hot as your spicy condiments

I'll take down Steve Burns and his struggled band!

When you left the show, you broke the heats of many children

All because you went bald and became a small musician

Tickity Tock Steve-O! You're about to get roast,

I'll make you drop dead, but this ain't no hoax!

Steve Burns:

You're not so Big Top Pee-Wee, you're more of delirious

Cause no one could take your drug PSA so serious

Your puppetland band sucks at singing the blues

and The Conky 2000 is a robot version of Max Headroom

You took a 3rd time on The Dating Game

but you won and ended up never going on a date!

Didn't need Joe to back me up in this fight

Cause the man from Nick Jr. has served you twice!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Happy/Upbeat/Piano/Instrumental Rap Beat and can be found here
  • This is the first battle to have a sequel (that being of Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman
  • An idea that was considered was that Joe would come in and back up Steve however, it was scrapped.

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