Actor information
Nickname(s) Stoff
YouTube Channel Stofferex
Appearance information
As Cthulhu

Stofferex is a guest rapper at Dragon Rap Battles.

Info with the userEdit

Stofferex is a user on ERB Wiki and more well known as a rapper on YouTube. He contains several roles in such series as ERBParodies, Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, Epic Rap Battles of ???, Gaming All-Star Rap Battles, and many more. Stoff and Dragon, unknowingly, met after commenting eachother on ERB Suggestions Pics on Facebook, however, it was ERB Wiki where they knew each other more by their usernames. Dragon offered Stoff the chance to portray Cthulhu after seeing his many works as giant beasts to which he agreed on.


  • Stofferex is perhaps one of the biggest guests in a DRB due to his popularity in the community.
  • Dragon strongly considers using Stofferex as Freddy Fazbear if he ever has the chance.

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