The Mask
The Mask
Character information
Full name Stanley Ipkiss
Nickname(s) The Mask
Big Head
First appearance May 1989
Mayhem #1
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Green
Rap battle information
Appeared in The Mask VS The Phantom of The Opera
Vs The Phantom of The Opera
Release date June 9th, 2016

The Mask is a character that went up against The Phantom of The Opera in The Mask VS The Phantom of The Opera.

Info About The RapperEdit

The Mask is a character from Dark Horse Comics, where Stanley Ipkiss buys a mysterious African mask at an antique shop for his girlfriend, Katherine. One night, Stanley tries it on and becomes his "second life" mask where he goes on a killing spree for revenge to those who threaten and beat him until he was shot down by the police causing his death. The Mask however, did not end, instead ending up in other people's lives as they would try it on themselves, such as detective, Mitch Kellway, Stanley's girlfriend, Katherine, teenagers, Rick, Ben, and Harry, and even a little girl named Emily Tuttle.

In 1994, a film adaptation came in for The Mask although changing from the comics such as having Stanley (played by Jim Carrey) as the hero and not being dead. Other differences included The Mask being more cartoony than violent and coming from the trickster god, Loki. Despite these differences the film was a hit in the box office and both critics and fans praised it unlike it's sequel, Son of The Mask, which bombed in the theaters.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It's Party Time! So P-A-R-T! Y?

Because I gotta a lot of flow filled with some smmmoookin rhymes!

The Opera Ghost will be destroyed with all that tenor chorus noise

So forget Deadpool and Freakazoid, I'm the one you should avoid

cause my toonish personality can outpass you in any french audition

so I sentence you to a Red Death for ripping off The Spanish Inquistion

as I flush you down your sewer home and turn your black lake to brown

cause even Behind The Iron Mask is better then this cloaked gothic clown

Verse 2:

That's not Music to my ears, like your '98 flick, it's just laughable

on how I can make better entertainment with just balloon animals

I faced Lobo, The Joker, Marshall Law, and a Wildcat called Grifter

How 'bout I call you Old Volde, because I got your nose, mister

I have my readers fearing me in infamy for my disgusting imagery

while you live out in misery with the towns folk beating out your symphony

So SOMEBODY STOP ME! Cause i'm on a roll while this guy attempts rape

But then again, who would make love to you with that weird looking face

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