The Mask VS The Phantom of The Opera YT Cover
The Mask VS The Phantom Of The Opera02:36

The Mask VS The Phantom Of The Opera

The Mask VS The Phantom of The Opera
Cover The Mask vs The Phantom of the Opera
Battle information
Release date June 9th, 2016
Number 44
Views 13
Length 2:35
Previous Ariel VS Aquaman
Next Snake VS Rommel
Rappers The Mask short picThe Phantom of The Opera short pic

The 44th battle of Dragon Rap Battles Features The Mask against The Phantom of The Opera to see who is the better Masked Men of horror in the pursuit of women.

The BattleEdit

The Mask:

It's Party Time! So P-A-R-T! Y?

Because I gotta a lot of flow filled with some smmmoookin rhymes!

The Opera Ghost will be destroyed with all that tenor chorus noise

So forget Deadpool and Freakazoid, I'm the one you should avoid

cause my toonish personality can outpass you in any french audition

so I sentence you to a Red Death for ripping off The Spanish Inquistion

as I flush you down your sewer home and turn your black lake to brown

cause even Behind The Iron Mask is better then this cloaked gothic clown

The Phantom of the Opera:

Speaking of clowns, let's discuss about a foolish loser named Stanley

down on his luck in Edge City and was shown not to be so manly

until a cursed african mask faced him and soon his whole life became clear

which was to hang with Ace Ventura and try to Carey Jim's Career

As this dweller from the cellers comes out from Gaston's Best Seller

Rhymes so Steller that my flow's got more magic than Penn & Teller

You been outstaged by this Mastermind, so get out of this staged fight

Hope back onto your Dark Horse while I make The Music of The Night

The Mask:

That's not Music to my ears, like your '98 flick, it's just laughable

on how I can make better entertainment with just balloon animals

I faced Lobo, The Joker, Marshall Law, and a Wildcat called Grifter

How 'bout I call you Old Volde, because I got your nose, mister

I have my readers fearing me in infamy for my disgusting imagery

while you live out in misery with the towns folk beating out your symphony

So SOMEBODY STOP ME! Cause i'm on a roll while this guy attempts rape

But then again, who would make love to you with that weird looking face

The Phantom of the Opera:

The Mask Returns with a lousy diss about my facial parts

but it's a hell of a lot better then your Early Concept Art

I'm dropping mics harder then I do with chandeliers, you pest

you're dropping sequels and destroyed the Nintendo Power contest

I'm a mysterious figure as i'm watching straight from Box Five

a once gory character who's now making cameos on Saturday Night Live

Because after selling out with animated shows and marketing toys

You created Son of The Mask, so like Rama, you better head to Hellboy!


  • The beat used in this battle is called The Mask - Rap Beat - DJ Mario On The Track and can be found here

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