The Planeteers
The Planeteers
Character information
Full name Wheeler
First appearance September 15, 1990
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Physical description
Hair Black (Kwame, Ma-Ti, Gi)
Blonde (Linka)
Ginger (Wheeler)
Eyes Brown (Kwame, Ma-Ti, Gi)
Green (Wheeler and Linka)
Rap battle information
Appeared in Al Gore VS The Planeteers
Vs Al Gore
Dick Cheney
Release date April 22nd, 2016

The Planeteers are a group that went up against Al Gore and later Dick Cheney in Al Gore VS The Planeteers.

Info about the rappersEdit

The Planeteers are a team sent from Gaia who gave five powered rings to teenagers from across the globe. Wheeler from New York with the ring of fire, Linka from The Soviet Union with the ring of wind, Kwame from Ghana with the ring of earth, Gi from Thailand with the ring of water, and Ma-Ti from Brazil with the ring of Heart. The Planeteers' base is in Hope Island containing many vechicles including a submarine and a plane to go out and fight superpowered polluting villains. With their powers combined, they have the ability to summon Captain Planet.


Verse 1:

The Planeteers are here to go planet as we send Gore our rap batch

Star Spangled slammer him more than Weird Al on Celebrity Deathmatch

Deadlier than any Manbearpig, blow you away from our clean air that's flowing

Should've joined The Green Party with all that Tobacco you've been growing

Things are heating up once Gaia's A-Team once this wildfire attacks

While you're soaked out in your speeches when Clinton plays off his sax

If I can beat down The Critic, then I can sense that it's gonna be the end

Cut this Executive Branch Down faster than his inventing internet legends

Verse 2:

I agree, Take down this Verminous Scum and let our powers combine


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