• Dragonsblood23

    Every 12 Hours you can hurt/heal someone. Rules still follow of you must be a user.

    Link - 11

    Magneto - 10

    Pee-Wee Herman - 10

    Steve Burns - 12

    Davy Jones (Musician) - 13

    Jim Henson - 8

    Muppet Crew - 11

    Looney Tune Crew - 9

    The Joker - 8

    Walt Disney - Was a parent in a Disney film

    Lindsay Lohan - Dead as her career

    Dr. Phil - How to Die by Dr. Phil

    Ted Bundy - Shocking Death

    Brett Favre - Touch Downed

    Otzi The Iceman - Left Frozen

    Chuck Jones - Chuck Season

    Gordon Gekko - Life fell harder than The Great Depression

    Gus Guster - Gus in the Wind

    Xena - EX-ena

    Sigmund Freud - Sex with Mother Corpses

    Davy Jones (Pirate) - Stuffed in his own Locker

    Pele - Kicked Out

    Shawn Spencer - Shawn of the Dead

    Hayao Miyazaki - His Spirit was Away

    Fred Flintstone -  6 feet under Be…

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