Gutenberg VS Zuckerberg YT Cover
Zuckerberg VS Gutenberg02:14

Zuckerberg VS Gutenberg

Zuckerberg VS Gutenberg
Cover Zuckerberg vs Gutenberg
Battle information
Release date December 11th, 2015
Number 34
Views 77
Length 2:13
Previous Waldo VS Carmen Sandiego
Next Jack Skellington VS The Grinch Season 3 Finale
Rappers Zuckerberg short picGutenberg short pic

The 34th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Mark Zuckerberg against Johannes Gutenberg to see who is the better media spreader.

The BattleEdit


Lemme tell you about my brilliant billion dollar website

Can help this religious reject make some “friends” in life

For years I denied my fans of their most begged function

But for this annoying little Poke I made the Dislike button

I can school you in coding, mathematics and even Chinese

And I struck it rich with an idea I had while higher than my degrees

Your invention’s stuck in museums that mine advertises for you

Go fix your wooden typewriter, it’s the only time you get screwed


just saw Social Network, I must say it's pretty great

When Lex Luthor was portraying you that was pretty accurate

Will this Blacksmith take down this technological mastermind's scheme

Certainly, this rap press from which I shall flow in inexhaustible streams

I'll mash you're face into a book if you want some real education

You would've stayed at Harvard instead relying on Notifications

Because even you're own Co-Founder sued this Social Media Kingpin

But I shall ConnectU more than a threeway with the Winklevoss Twins


At least I actually went to college before I dropped out and made billions,

The German’s legacy’s more dragged out than a lawsuit from the Twins!

Winklevoss Twins:Edit



So get out of MySpace, before of false information you are liable,

Because dude, you didn’t even print half of your fucking Bible!

You’re overrated! All you did was tweak a bit, add some ink and shit,

While actual minds perfected it! All you are is basic!

After this battle I’ll return to a beautiful baby and a loving wife,

And you’ll just disappear from public eye like your final years of life!


With that last verse of yours, this battle you should really reconsider

cause this is way more pathetic than stealing hashtags from Twitter

I'm Composing this Stick with all the Letterpress Printing i'm pulling

While your little blue website is covered with spam and cyber bullying

If you still think you could win this battle then you're more than colorblind

Your site is banned in some countries, while my machine helps all Mankind

From Aldus to Martin Luther, These books my machine dwells

Zucks to be you Mark, your website is annoying and will be forgotten like AOL


  • The beat used in this battle is called SOLD "The Rise" | Uplifting Trap Beat | Hip Hop/Rap Beat | Aggressive 808's/Kicks | L.E.N. Beats and can be found here
  • Mark Zuckerberg was written and rapped by GravityMan

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